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    In another ridiculous GOP moment, Virginia Republicans held a halloween party and decided to show President Obama as a zombie with a bullet hole in his head. Is this the same party that claims to love Black people?

    Seriously? A bullet hole to the head?

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  3. menotyou

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    There are jerks in every area of life. We have all figured this out. Why haven't you?
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    That kind of picture with any person's face is inappropriate at best. I put that on the same scale as hanging someone, anyone, in effigy.

    To equate that picture to racism is utterly ridiculous and just shows how far off the grid you will go to make false and baseless allegations.
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    Look who's posting the huge picture and spreading that image !!! I've never seen it 'til just now.

    Believe me, the picture isn't because he's black. You turn everything into a race issue. The picture is because he's a lousy president!! If he was all white, someone would still make a picture like this. Nothing to do with his bit of blackness.

    You must be so proud of yourself spreading this.

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    After opening up that Yahoo News link I am wondering why they used just a natural picture of Nancy Pelosi on that poster.