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    A lady from HR called me and asked if I'd be interested in a driving job. I said absolutely. She said she'd call me back on Monday with more info.

    Whats the process like? Where does it go from here?
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    Youll come in for a road test around the block. They'll show you the walk around/pre-trip. As long as you can drive stick, you'll be fine. From there, you will fill out paperwork a couple days later and they'll send you out for your DOT physical. The doc will give you your DOT card, you bring it back along with your drivers license for some photocopies. Then, they'll issue you some clothes and some study material. Couple days later, you'll be sent off to integrad. 8 days of integrad, if you graduate, you'll come back to your hub. Next day is your first day on the job with the on road supervisor. After 3 days with him, you'll be set free on your learning route. That's it.
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    How hard is intergrad and what does it consist of?
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    Sorry, I just couldnt resist
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    Its the same as outergrad
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    thanks that was good
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    Whats integrad, jokesters?
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    I never went out with a sup. My first day driving was during peak. They handed me a board (diad), showed me my truck, asked me if I had a map, and said "good luck" lol
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    You get on here and complain everyday for the next 30 years or so.
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    So whats integrad involve?
  11. DS

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    You will be blindfolded and walked down a long tunnel to an elevator that takes you 1000 feet below the surface of the earth.
    There, you will be fingerprinted and undergo tests that probe deep into your past.
    If you are deemed acceptable,you will be required to dictate word for word the five and then the ten,
    Then the fun starts.During your probationary stint,one missed scan,late air.missed delivery or pickup,going over 9.5.
    scanned as closed between 12 and 1 pm,not doing expected sporh,accidents,being late,code 14's,coming to work unshaved,
    not following dress code,forgetting to pretrip,having late air,not coding your break.failing to follow instructions,will result in
    dismissal.Other than that don't sweat it,it's easy.
    You will be fine,
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    Day one is orientation/paperwork time. Then lunch, then general information wrapped up with a diad simulator program on a computer that has tests.Integrad is just all about learning about the job. Rules, how-to's, best practices, questions and answers, etc. Then, you take the real driving test which is a ups truck that has seats in the back filled with other classmates. You start in the yard with backing up to either side, straight back. Parking, etc. Then change seats and the next guy does the same. Then you leave the hub and head out to the streets with your teacher in the jump seat. You practice pulling up to and away from curbs, signal and horn usage and really just implementing all the material they have taught you in the class room (the seeing habits, 10 point commentary, etc). If you pass that, you get to come back the next (last) day of integrad for the oral test which is a verbatim recital of all these rules. Those will take some serious studying to remember the first time. Learn them well too, it's not uncommon to be going about your business in the morning at work and have a sup stop you and ask, "so, what's #4 to the 10 point commentary?" so just keep in mind that it's not a learn and forget, you really do need to know it- stone cold.Every day at school ends with an hour or two of diad training then testing.
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    Thanks for the response Spool!
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    Hey, no problem! That's why we have this forum! Another alarming thing I learned in integrad that was ironic was there was a day we watched a video on the history of UPS and what the core beliefs were. It used to be ALL about service. The contrast to what it has become is an issue that I can't imagine Casey being proud of if he were still alive. Someone else posted it, but you'll have a dress code now as well. Make sure your face is shaven every morning- they take that stuff serious. If you can, see if you can get all the seeing habits, keys to lifting/lowering, 10 point commentary and rules to backing NOW from your safety rep or steward. The better you know those/study/commit then to memory, the easier integrad will be for you, less stressful as well. Bring a lunch and ask to practice on the diad sim during lunch. Integrad can be painfully boring at times but the more you listen/remember the easier your first day will be in the real car on the real route. I wish you the best of luck! Keep us updated and if you have any questions, ask!
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    Was a bid sheet posted anywhere that you remember?
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    Yeah, I don't think they call you unless you sign up.
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    You are going to have a major mind screw.... But if you keep calm and focus on task at hand you will be able to any route.

    Plus know your DOK its big now.
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  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Depth of Knowledge

    There is also the 10 point commentary:

    1 car length while stop in traffic
    look left right left
    1,2,3 while start up in traffic
    4-6 second following distance under 30mph 6-8 over 30mph
    5-8 seconds check mirrors
    scan steering wheel
    stale green light
    8-12 seconds eye lead time
    pulling from curb
    eye to eye contact
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    you must be hanging with kline it dont happen that way. what state are you in just wondering? thanks