Got discharged....what now?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by bigrigdriver, Mar 25, 2011.

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    As everyone knows by now, every terminal in the UPSF has been having audits, following us on our routes & keeping a close eye on everybody. In the last few months, I have been written up twice for not wearing seat belt in the yard (the second one, MGT wanted to suspend me for five days in which I have filed a grievance) Had a fender bender while trying to dock a long box in the pup lane in which MGT reccommended me for discharge, letter recieved & grievance was filed. They audited the DVIR in one of the trucks that I drive & found that I did not fill it out on couple of occasions. Second discharge reccomended. I was let go last Friday, was told it came from the top. Union sitting on it right now & it only has been a week since I have heard anything. But was told that the MGT did not follow progression disciplinary actions. I'm thinking the MGT want to get rid of me anyhow & for whatever reason. Funny thing is, I got an atta boy on a job well done when they followed me the week before. I have never been written up before until the last few months.

    What to expect now, is life for me at UPSF is over? :sick:
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    I don't even work there......but no seat belt? No job !!!!
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    Written up TWICE for not using a seat belt !!

    How many times would you LIKE to be instructed to use something that could save your own life ??

    If you cannot or refuse to follow some very simple methods and instructions --why don't you open up your own company and then you can allow the employees to do whatever they want or do not want to do.
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    They are on a safety kick I was told 200 write ups at the Lexington terminal and 75 at Louisville someone has got to stop them before they fire us all it's nuts the things we are getting wrote up for.
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    Island bet your desk chair has no seatbelt
  6. witheeze

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    The mans job is on the line the last thing he won't to here is you ( someone that only wishes he could drive a truck ) mouth off.
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    ...or perhaps you guys can start doing the job the right way by following the safety procedures in place.

    Are you justifying the OP not wearing his seatbelt on not one but two separate occasions? Yes, it was just in the yard, but safety is not something you turn on and off when you feel like it.

    I would think that the first setbelt write-up would have been the wake-up call. Obviously he hit the snooze button and his career has since been put to bed.

    The guy was a proven liability to the company.

    The logo may say UPS but the mindset is still Overnite.
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    My advice is to ALWAYS wear your seat belt. Even backing up a little more after opening swing doors on the trailer to a dock. EVERYTIME! When your butt is in that seat, click that belt. As for the other "infractions", if they didn't follow progressive disipline you can get your job back. For whatever reason you are on the radar. Follow methods to a "T", you have to know they are watching every move, so do it the way they want it done. Best of luck.
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    Wow, you are right. But can you tell me how many people have died when not wearing a seat belt while sitting at a desk ?
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    I don't understand, why would you not wear a seatbelt, You got
    trained, made your book, and than you change the rules. Sorry I dont get it.
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    I hope you are not in my local... not a good place to be if you are terminated
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    I was in a big truck accident in 1995.. Another big truck ran a red light... The emergency crew told me if I would of had my seat belt on... I wouldent be here today...
  14. Richard Harrow

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    I don't want to sound like a preacher here, but really, wearing your seat-belt when the wheels are in motion is THE #1 vehicle rule company-wide. It's not negotiable, nor should it be. Using an accident that you were in 16 years ago (which to me sounds as if it was the result of someone not clearing an intersection; just sayin...) in which you were not belted and survived as some kind of justification for riding around without a belt now is unacceptable. I doubt you'll garner much sympathy on this forum, but I don't speak for anyone but myself. Good luck with your next career...
  15. Yellow to Brown

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    Well never said I didn't wear now.. I was giving an example that seat belts Are always safe
  16. Yellow to Brown

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    Well never said I didn't wear now.. I was giving an example that seat belts aren't always safe... I always wear mine now.
    . UPS Pays me good to put it on.... At a minimum of 5 dollars a week... I wish they come out with some more safety stuff... It pays well.... Always remember guys the Best way to make money Is to use they're rules to your Advantage...
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    Bingo! I think you hit the nail on the head.
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    I cant believe no one here has mentioned the failing of this employee to fill out VCR not once but twice. Does he not know that this isnt just UPS witch hunting but a VCR must be filled out for D.O.T. and failure to do so can lead to fines not only for the company but the driver of the vehicle. As far as the seatbelts...use em.. its that easy. If they want us to use them on a toilet seat it is no big deal..takes about 2 seconds to snap on.
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    The way we were trained in package was get the vehicle moving worry about the seatbelt later; save time. It takes a while to retrain yourself into the new habit of not moving the vechile an inch without it.
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