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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by instantK, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. instantK

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    Overall I believe I have done an excellent job for the company since I have been driving been working nearly 55-60hrs weekly.... Only received 1 warning letter (not pulling exception off)

    A few weeks ago I sheeted 2-3 Not In 1 Commercial NDA's.... out of the area and delivered them a few minutes late... Last one was delivered at 10:45...
    I know dumb.... It's my own fault.
  2. Richard Harrow

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    Happy trails.
  3. East coast navy

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    So you got walked off.
  4. curiousbrain

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    I'm sorry you got fired, but should know by now: the rules for hourlies and management are different.
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  6. JackStraw

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    Hopefully the union will get you your job back. Tell me, what would happen if you delivered them late? Clearly you thought you were going to be able to make the commit otherwise you would not have taken them all. An error in judgment is not grounds for termination last I checked. So many drivers are afraid to make a service failure. And when they do, they try to cover it up. Fess up and be honest. Jeez.
  7. instantK

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    I thought at first the customer tracked the package and read Not in 1 and called in and complained.... But they didnt.. Im guessing they tracked me via GPS
    90% of my customers dont care about receiving an air one time, but i guess it doesnt matter 10:30 commit is 10:30 commit.

    If i can come back to my job.... I'll now longer sheet Not in 1... If there late , there late.... I try to hard to please customers and company when it's doing more harm than good for me
  8. Jones

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    You're not the first one to do this, you'll probably get your job back unless they have it in for you. If you do take it as a lesson learned and do not ever falsify records, sign for packages etc. It's not worth it.
  9. instantK

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    Im going to try and come back... I'm not sure of the process and how long it generally takes to come back to work again?
  10. East coast navy

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    That's if he came clean. If he lied and gets caught lying then the unions hands are tied.
  11. Brownslave688

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    I just had a conversation with some seasonals the other. They were all like yeah I just make sure I get that last one in the board by 10:30 usually its 5-10 minutes later before I get it off.

    I explained to them that's a big no no now and if big brother is watching they will be fired. This is still how they are being trained though. I was able to explain to them the guy watching isn't at the center. It's someone at a computer miles away. They decided they had better stop that practice.
  12. Anonymous 10

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    If this is your firs time go in there and own up to it at the local level hearing. Don't make excuses. Say I'm stupid and there is no excuse I can give. I'm sorry and it will never happen again. When they ask you what you were thinking say you weren't. Repeat again that you are stupid and it will never happen again. This will steal their thunder and you will go back to work. Trust me
  13. BigUnionGuy

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    Unfortunately, it's not an error in judgement. He knew what he was doing.

    And won't be the last. :wink2:

    I hope, you have filed a grievance within the contractual time limits.

    For a first offense, you should get a "bite of the apple". Take your lumps and move on.

  14. instantK

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    thanx if I can get my job back and going through a local hearing.. generally how long can I expect to be out of work?
  15. serenity now

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    if you record a NDA as NI1 just before commit and then deliver it just after commit, someone is going to investigate

    I can just hear them now : " How stupid does this guy think we are? "

    remember this: in today's world, UPS is sitting in the jump seat (all the freakin' time)
  16. serenity now

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    around here, they will leave a driver twisting in the wind for 2 or 3 weeks
  17. BigUnionGuy

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    It's not written in stone.

    Could be a couple days.... could be a couple of weeks.

    Did you file a grievance ??

  18. superballs63

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    We had a guy who did that exact same thing and even went as far as to say that the company he was delivering to had given him a signed note saying he could deliver air/ground together, whenever he would get there running trace.

    So, one day he sheeted it NI1 about 6 miles away and then lied saying he had the note (No one at the company had any clue what he was talking about). He was out for almost 2 months, and he got his back, so you SHOULD be fine.

    A late NDA, bad. Sheeting a NDA away from the consignee address, fireable offense. Glad you learned your lesson. Don't let it happen again
  19. pretender

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    Listen to the advice of the union stewards, and own up to it without making excuses. If you have a good work history/attitude, chances are good that you will get your job back. Have you ever driven 1 MPH under the speed limit to prove a point, or refused to give a customer their package because you were on break?
  20. The Other Side

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    With all the talk about article 6 and technology, there still manages to be someone DUMB enough to pull crap like this. Fortunately, if your local is worth their salt, they can arbitrate your case and argue it was a first offense, unless HOWEVER, the company can demonstrate that you have done this in the past.

    All they would have to do is present to the arb all your sheeting records along with GPS records. If you have OTHER "NOT IN 1's" followed by delivery for the same packages, then you will be SCREWED.

    The company will have to prove that you Intended on Defrauding the company with your actions. On our current contract, its a 50/50 proposition.

    With this NEW contract, youre DEAD MEAT.