Got hired as a preloader, how often will I work?

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    I have been hired as a preloader and I a currently going through orientation. I was told that I would get to work at least 2 days a week and would get more days as volume increases during the summer time. Do any former preloaders know how long it will take for me to eventually work 5 days every week and if I could do anything to get more working days quicker?
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    It will pick up during the summer. At some point you'll gain more seniority and work everyday year round and beg to go home. I however have never been sent home for lack of work. Guess it depends on your building. Also if you are an exceptional worker they are more likely to work you often. Alot of senior people like to leave or call in.
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    5 days a week, roughly 20 hours. PT Preload
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    Damn, you're fast.

    Shouldn't you be asleep?
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    UPS is hiring? This time of year? amazing
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    Do people even still show up to preload???
  9. You're gonna work everyday..
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    UPS hires in every month of the year. Takes a special person to give 110% everyday for $35 minus taxes.