Got To Admit These DIAD V's Can Take A Beating...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ArcherUTR, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. ArcherUTR

    ArcherUTR Active Member

    I hear some drivers drop them pretty hard at least a few or more times a day. It's pretty impressive actually

    They don't sign well for :censored2: though. And I swear some people have ghost hands, usually really old ladies. The DIAD will just not respond at all to their writing no matter how hard they press.

    Why do we not use the cameras on the back? It would be great to take a photo of the delivery address from a reasonable distance. It would help identify the house and that the package was out of sight and out of weather.

    When replacing your stylus and the cord - thread the stylus first, then thread the cord. At the time when I need to do so I can never quite remember that. Shouldn't have to, it's just logic. But I do it wrong at first every time.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    From what I have been told the focal range on the camera is very limited----just enough to take a picture of where the package was left.

    If you have a delivery that you are unsure of you can always use your cellphone camera to document it.
  3. Johney

    Johney Well-Known Member

    If you have a delivery you are unsure of you should get a signature or not leave it at all.
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  4. ArcherUTR

    ArcherUTR Active Member

    Where do I get this work provided cell phone?

    I kid, I kid.

    I have done that and will do that again, but Johney is correct.
  5. Number24

    Number24 #24

    Speaking of the DIAD V, anybody know of any online training on how to use one?
  6. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    iGate, I believe.
  7. Number24

    Number24 #24

    whats iGate
  8. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    Where all the online training is at, has to be accessed from a UPS computer(I think), nothing on the www.
  9. ArcherUTR

    ArcherUTR Active Member

    Where can I find the UPS methods online? They seem to be changing quickly due to ORION.

    Also just to refresh. I obviously have flowed much like water around a boulder to my own methods.
  10. ManInBrown

    ManInBrown Well-Known Member

    I drop mine at least 3x a week. Only one time was it not functional afterwards. Reset it, but kept freezing on the Motorola screen. Luckily it was the end of the day. Only had 3 stops left.

    It's a pain when the screen is all scratched up. The board for the route I covered last week is bad. Can barely make out the house numbers it's so scratched. The 8s look like 0s, and vice versa
  11. bumped

    bumped Well-Known Member

    I took the plastic covering off the screen, and its like a brand new diad screen. The consignees ask if I got a new one.
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  12. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    Too bad they have not found a means to use the camera to take photo of who it was left with, along with the signature.
    Would cut down on the number of folks claiming they never got their item.....
  13. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    I can just see it now:
    Customer : WAIT, let me do my hair before you take my picture.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Or some creep taking obscene selfie with it.
    That's so BS
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    We as drivers do not have the right to take someone's picture without their permission.
  16. rod

    rod retired and happy

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  17. MyTripisCut

    MyTripisCut Director of Shenanigans

    "See I told you I recognized that haircut!"
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  18. ArcherUTR

    ArcherUTR Active Member

    You know some driver somewhere is going to take a picture of his junk because he finds it just know it.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

  20. Gumby

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