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  1. silvergoat23

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    What are some reasons why we don't have GPS tracking available? Afraid people will find the driver and get the package direct from the driver? It would be really nice to know exactly where my package is when it's en route; if the truck is listed as Out For Delivery, but the truck is setting at the hub, then it's obvious something is wrong.
  2. lost

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    That could be part of the reason. The Pkg car would not be sitting at the hub for any reason that I can possibly think of. Just wait on your package we will get it there, UPS is not forgiving when a customers package is left in the buliding for any reason and even if someone other than your driver has to deliver it they will.
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    How much are you willing to pay for this package to cover the cost of both the back end application to run that and the GPS device built into the package or label that can withstand the stress going through the hub? It aint gonna be cheap.
  4. silvergoat23

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    I work in the back office, so I don't know a lot of the process changes and associations, so excuse my ignorance.

    But, don't we already associate the package to the truck when it goes onto the truck? We wouldn't have to change the label - use the same label. From there, associate the GPS device on the truck, and, viola, you have the GPS tracking of the package.

    I would pay an extra $1 on personal packages to be able to pull up exactly where my package is.

    I just wonder what the downside is of allowing customers to have this ability; wouldn't the drivers get hounded? Would it be a benefit if someone did this to the driver or a big hinderance?
  5. lost

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    I think it would be a hindrance, the cars are loaded according to route and to have a customer flag down a driver and have the driver search the car for their package, No I could not do that, I would lose my patience and tell them to be good little boys and girls and wait for their goodies at home
  6. Delivered

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    I pass by all kind of residential stops to get my business off. So if would do a customer no good to see that the truck is right next to her street at 11am and still not get their package until 6pm when all of the business deliveries and pickups are done.

    Not to mention we would get slammed when we stopped for lunch. Mcdonalds could open up another drive through so customers could get their package and a happy meal to go...
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  8. Pollocknbrown

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    Thats what is wrong with this country, big brother, now people want to know exactly where their packages are, just the drivers do their job and you'll get your package when it comes up to be delivered.
  9. silvergoat23

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    It's not big brother, just a way to re-assure it's on its way. The reason I want this is because I was burnt on this with FedEx (and I'm sure this has happened at UPS). My house is in a new sub division in a rural area, but is close to a small town. According to the tracking system, for three days straight, the package was 'Out for Delivery', but it was never delivered. On the third day, I called to see what was going on, and they'd said that they tried to deliver it. Since the FedEx place is 25 miles from my house, I wanted to see if I could pick it up from the driver. They allowed that to happen, but it took forever to hook up with the driver and figure out where in the heck he was. Finally, when I got to him (via the dispatcher), the package was at the FedEx hub not on the truck. I ended up having to drive down to the hub since they said they tried to drop it off the maximum number of times (in reality, the driver had no idea where the new sub division was). If GPS tracking existed, I could have found out straight away where the truck was, where the package was and piece of mind the damn thing is actually trying to get here.
  10. Channahon

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    Once a carrier finds your house, you should have regular deliveries. I was in the same position, and had DHL, FedEX and UPS all call me for their first delivery to my home. Haven't had a problem since.

    Overall UPS tracking system is the best one out there, compared to FedEx and DHL, regarding real time transit.
  11. Pollocknbrown

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    to even do that, you'll need to redesign the shipping label because they were claiming it was on the truck when it wasn't, so following the GPS position given from the truck would be useless. And personally i dont care enough about where my package is in a precise moment to pay extra to track it, if they tell me its coming that day i believe them, its not like UPS has an error rate of this of 80%, im sure its more along the lines of oh idk 1%. So ill take my chances and use the numbers and believe them when they say its on my guys power steeringless, manual transmission, sweat box.
  12. athena

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    If it is that important to have your package, go get it. 25 miles is not that far. I drive 20 miles (one way) to school and 70 miles (one way) to work. Why? I like school, money, my job, and the place I currently live. It is amazing to think how much Americans expect now a days. Is it because we are so bored we have nothing better to do than complain? Really, why even worry, unless it is something life or death? Is it life or death?
  13. silvergoat23

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    With 15 million packages shipped daily, 1%, even 0.1%, is a big number. I'm probably in the minority here, but having piece of mind to know where my package is would make a big difference to me.
  14. silvergoat23

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    The money I spend for my package to be delivered isn't spent for it to be delivered to the 'local' hub. It's supposed to get to my door. If you extrapolated that argument to everyone, UPS would not be in business, since everyone would have to drive to the hub if it's important enough to them. I am lazy, and I do value my time. Having GPS, at the least, would give me piece of mind on packages that have high value and/or time sensitive.
  15. Pollocknbrown

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    If you value your time so much then why spend it tracking down a package, that will get there, and unless its a food product, i dont see how anything can be THAT time sensitive.
  16. hdkappler

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    govo i wouldn't mind delivering half my boxes at mcdonald's if i could get a free happy meal to.if the customers would by mcdonalds like it to.
  17. GuyinBrown

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    First off, the GPS device is in the DIAD board, not the truck.

    Second, we give priority to commercial customers. Sometimes that means we're going to go past your sub division without delivering your package. Allowing the general public to see the exact location of their package in real time will only inundate the call centers with QVC queens wanting to know why the truck just went past their street without delivering their band new, chrome plated, kumquat juicer.

    If it's that important to you, why don't you spend the extra money for it to be delivered by 10:30? Then you don't have to spend the day worrying exactly where your package is.
  18. Just Lurking

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    At one time UPS touted GPS tracking for packages in RoundUPS magazine. After 9/11, it was never mentioned again.

    Possible scenario would be that someone could use GPS tracking to watch a package to certain address pass by particular address than use it for terroristic purpose. An example would be knowing that the driver that delivers to point A (late in day) goes by Point B - federal courthouse (early in the morning). Now all they have to do is send a package to Point A to know when that package is at Point B.
  19. GBiscuit

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    Its simple, just put a 10-15 minute delay or an hour (whatever) so customers dont' know exactly where the position of the truck is but they have an idea of what area it is in. Also, the software could (and should aready) have a predetermined route (optimal driving planned route) that way it could send an email or SMS to their phone letting them know about what time to expect it. That way the system becomes more efficient on both ends and people could plan accordingly especially if it's an important package. It would help prevent theft if the package is left at the door, help call BS on apartment lease offices, people could be there at that time to determine if the package needs to be refused and sent back due to damage instead of waiting a few days or more to have to drive back to the UPS store and do it yourself, etc... I would pay more, the increased revenue would pay for itself if not make more money for the greedy ass board members, customers would by happier, dishonest employees would be accountable and you could even tie the software into the engine module to see who is tearing the trucks up and needs to be fired or reprimanded. I think its a win, win for everyone. Besides, GPS technology is cheap these days. P.S., to any UPS execs that see this, I'm claiming rights to the idea and would like my royalties from it! Thanks!
  20. GBiscuit

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    Why would you be "right next to her street" at 11 am and not deliver until 6 pm when you are already dropping off a package one street over???? Please refer to my other reply concerning optimal routes. The situation you describe seems very inadequate to me. If you are just one street over from a delivery, would it not make sense to just drive a block or so and drop the other package off instead of coming all the way back from across another part of town? Highly inefficient IMO. No, I am not a UPS employee nor have I ever been. I dont think you need to have worked anywhere for anyone to use common sense. Maybe some of the High Schools and Universities out there need to make that a required course now. Oh, and not just one, it would probably have to be CS I, CS II and CS II (advanced studies) LMAO!!!