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    How does this GPS thing work? I know how a gps works ( I have two handheld units and I use them all the time for traveling and I have been "geocashing" a few times). We do not have pass or edd or any other initaled things at our center except the diad. I guess what I want to know is does ups have a coordinate for every address in the country? If you missdel a pkg do they know where it is or do the go out with a gps and find where you stop completed it?
    If you have a long walk to a stop and you stop complete near the car then walk a hundred feet does it show a misdel.?
    Has anyone actually seen the report it prints out and what is on it?
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    tommorow when you get your board hit #6 for communication, then, i believe hit #7 its not an option but when you hit it your gps coordinatis will come. if you hit #9 a radio pass screen will come up telling how many times it passes or failed. im still not sure what thats all about!!!
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    You got some splainin to do Lucy:happy2: good questions
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    The word is actually geocaching as you are using your GPS to locate a hidden "cache".
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    Good questions.
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    As you deliver each stop the diad stamps it with a GPS location. Eventually all stops on your route are stamped this way. Now if you go to that stop with the wrong pkg the DIAD will flash that you are in the wrong place. I understand it's only accurate to 200 Yards, which we were told buts seems kinda long. Many times the DIAD will tell you it's the wrong stop when it's not.
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    As brownmonster says, the DIAD IV collects data about where you deliver that address each day. That data is then later used to verify that when you deliver the same address you are at the same spot. If you consistently deliver an address to the same location (right or wrong) that will eventually be the expected location for that address.

    There is a large "acceptable delivery range" that allows you to be within a certain distance of the target location before you get the warning tone and icon.

    Because the stop complete location is what is recorded as the target location, it is best to press "stop complete" as close to the address as possible. This will cut down on incorrect warnings in the future.
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    I deliver to a local college and make several stops on campus which all use the same address so by the time I reach the last stop, which is more than 200 yards from the first stop, it sounds like I hit the jackpot in Vegas. This also happens when I meet a customer on road and deliver their pkg(s) right there. Also, multiple stops delivered to one stop (residential pkg for a worker at a commercial stop) will start the music.
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    When we first were able to look at the GPS lat/long in the DIAD, I went home and plugged the info into Google Earth.
    It showed I had DR'd the package in the middle of a reservoir. I think it measured 270' from the actual delivery location.
  10. Be careful with this guys. The suits know what your "brisk pace" is. What speed you're doing in the package car.

    Just be careful.
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    Properly following all of the methods would negate the need to speed.
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    The best advice I could give to new drivers would be that you CANNOT make up time driving the package car. When you're behind, try working more efficiently, walk faster, but NEVER drive faster or carelessly. Doing so will only cause an accident and then you will REALLY be behind!

    I'm guilty myself for speeding. But I usually stop once I think about the consequences (and i'm not talking about a ticket) . Its only packages for heavens sake. Let them be late as long as you and the public are safe!

    Brownie :peaceful:
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    The faster I go the farther behind I get !!!!!!!!!!!!!!