Grand Theft UPS: copies of GTA stolen en route to retailers

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    Grand Theft UPS: copies of GTA stolen en route to retailers - arstechnica

    I spoke to an employee of UPS over the weekend, and he told me that a surprising amount of workers were getting busted stealing the game from the shipment boxes. In one 24-hour period, three workers were fired, and more interviews were scheduled for today that would likely end in termination.
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    yea i got about 50 freakin boxes from rockstar for bestbuy
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    I would never risk my job for a game, What are people thinking. Then try to get a job if there is a conviction.....What a waste.
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    It don't surprise me a bit -- after watching my nephew obsess over vidio games I honestly think he would have a nervous breakdown if he couldn't get the latest one. I know if someone would feed him at the computer he would never leave it. The kid would crap his own pants rather than quit playing. Sad:sick:
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    I see a lot of that too. What a waste...They stay behind the computer screen and now they can talk to people playing the games (Interactive) and they spend the majority of their time doing this. I do not know how they make it through school and what are they going to do for a job.....