Grandfathered into 3 year progression?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Addison Feeder Driver, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Anybody know of any locals where drivers that were hired under the extension of the old contract were grandfathered into the 3 year progression?
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    Why would they be grandfathered ?

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    Nope. Not here in the central. The sooner you realize you and your co workers were sold out. The faster you'll get over it.
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    Some of us were hired during the extension and every single one of us are on the new contract. They really bent us over and gave it to us good with the new contract, but it's okay the Union is looking out for us.
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    Nope. Union agreed to 4 year being retro active.

    You're out of luck. It sucks but save yourself the stress and headache and just move on.

    You're an off the street feeder driver I believe? Either way you're new and I can tell you right now I wouldn't be trying to make waves in the Union when you're a noob.
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    All the language was retro, except for any "agreed too" improvements.

    He's going to be popular with a "me-ster" type attitude.

    Everybody, has to put in their time.

  7. I have 16 years with the Teamsters just FYI
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    And ?
  9. For whoever called me a noob or said I was a "me-ster". They have no idea and make stupid assumptions.
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    Does your Avatar "tug" at certain strings ?

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    You're a ups noob......No?
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    Sounds like a bunch of drivers where I am. Because I haven't been her twenty seven years I shouldn't be making waves like getting on the 9.5 list and filing on it when I'm violated. But it's okay for them?. I shouldn't have a back bone until my co workers say it's okay to stand up for myself? Like it or not we're all in this together and comments like that will tear the union apart. They love division in the ranks. I say let him fight for it. If he wins...great. If not then maybe he can use it to raise awareness for the next contract negotiation.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Not even remotely what I meant.

    I mean I wouldn't come in butting heads with the guys that decide if I stay fired should something happen.

    Not actual contract violations. By all means raise hell. The problem is when you start questioning your Union and you are new. Then they could be looking at you as more trouble than you're worth.
  14. What does my avatar have to do with union issues?
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    You can thank all the YES Voters
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    16 years with teamsters but how long with ups?

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    You're welcome.
  18. I had 14 years and had to take 2 years off for a double fusiin on my spine from bouncing around in :censored2:ty trucks. Then I had to switch from 705 to 710 so starting progression again because my back cant handle city work.
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  19. But im not getting screwed as bad as some. Im trying to get good language for all of us. Im on a bid .
  20. Bottom line is the senior drivers and retirees get screwed by the $400/month health care. The middle people get screwed by the Tue-Sat and Sun-Thur runs. The newer hures get screwed by the $10 pay cut after the 3rd year as opposed to the last contract.