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    Was talking to an older driver and he told me there was a time that if a pt driver/cover driver is used on a route for a certain amount of days/hours, that driver would be grandfathered into full time possibly on that route.

    theres a bid route in my center where the full time driver is on leave because of hip surgery and it looks like he's not coming back any time soon. This happens to be the route I did my 30 days and ran everyday during peak. They tried to train a 10 year inside guy on the route, who went straight to full time. even I trained him for the first 3 days on the route. he was really tough to train, way too much for me I've only been driving since November.

    He ended scratching up the truck badly on both sides trying to pull out the building his first day solo. he was given extra shots after the accident which was blatantly covered up by management. After missed pickups, bad customer feedback, and not knowing the delivery points after 5 days of training they pulled him off the route.

    Now It seems I'm doing the route every day because we're short staffed it only makes sense to put me on the route since I've shown I can perform and it leaves them flexibility to move the other cover drivers around who know multiple routes. Anyway I know I'm being overly optimistic, but is there any language regarding jumping to full time if used on a route consistently or is it just straight seniority. South east region.
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    You won't get the route permanently if the driver is out on disability. If the driver is unable to return and his career is finished, the route will then go up for bid.
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    Both sides?? That is pretty strong right there. Was he zig-zagging? I can usually only scratch one side at a time.
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    If a TCD has over 150 reports in a year then I think a Full Time position can be created
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  5. If you're a PTer and they utilize you for 30 days in a row you can be considered a FTer. We try to avoid using air drivers for ground for this very reason.
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    I don't believe that the PTer becomes a FTer, but if you use a PTer as a FTer for 30 days, that becomes a new FT job and than is put up for bid for FTers.
  7. Makes sense. I was utilizing an air driver to deliver misloads and my FT sup explained it to me quick.
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    Yep. Let him do that for 30 days, and that air/misload just became a FT job.
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    I agree with you contractually it would mean a new FT time job. In reality, no way in hell.
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    Yup. It would become a job, but then they would just eliminate that FT job as no longer needed.
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    Exception air driver delivers ground for 30 days = TEMPORARY cover driver (happens almost every peak )

    TCD reports for ground 150 times in a year = FT position (NEVER gonna happen)

    At least where i am
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    We don't have TCD's in the Central.

    But we do have that if a new job is put in for 30 days. it is then a permanent job and will be bid.

    Article 3

    Section 8

    Qualified full-time employees with six (6) months or more seniority

    may select permanent vacancies and new permanent jobs as provided

    for in this Article in all months except November and December.

    When a permanent new job or permanent vacancy becomes open

    in a center, it shall be posted by the Employer, within ten (10)

    days, for a period of five (5) working days, except in the months

    of November and December. A permanent new job, for the purpose

    of this Article, shall be one that has been in existence for a period of

    thirty (30) calendar days.
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    Put the route in for 29 days. PT guy running it does not file because a FT driver will bid the job and he will be out.
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    Both sides have been known to work the system.
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    Holy :censored2: balls.

    I've never looked it up as it has never applied to me but we have that language too.

    I've just always been told it was so many reports. We have about 10 TCDs that have driven more than 30 reports this year!

    I am going to tell our "most aggressive" steward about this tomorrow and see what happens.

    EDIT: never mind. Just checked the section for TCD. 156 reports
    So how does that jive with the thirty day language?
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    Our bottom 10-12 cover drivers work every single day of the year and are considered part time.
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