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    UPS owes me about 18 hours worth of pay. I filed a grievance about 2 months ago with a union rep, and my boss just got around to taking care of my situation about 3 weeks ago. The past 2 Fridays I check to see if I finally have the money that I am owed, and It's still not there. I am just wondering what action I can take next, because this is really starting to upset me. My union rep jokes around to much with my boss, so I don't see my union rep doing anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    File for the money owed to you everyday. Make sure you are requesting the penalty pay on every grievance. Once the penalty pay starts to pyramid, your center manager will develop a sense of urgency.
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    Good luck it took 3 months for my coworker to get his backpay!
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    What he said
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    too many posters with the same avatar
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    Was a steward for many years but lost the position when I took a satellite route. Still get many calls from fellow employees regarding the contract and how to write grievances. One of my biggest beefs as a steward was the company not paying us what is owed and in a timely manner. We currently have pretty good language regarding penalty pay when we are shorted on our paychecks, but the members have to be wiling to use it!
    About a month ago, a fellow employee requested an optional holiday and it was granted. The pay for the requested day was not included on the following weeks paycheck. Told the member to request the shortage on a green check payable the next workday. center manager told him he didn't have any personnel days available. Per contract he earned two personnel days on his anniversary date and was in fact owed pay for the day off. Had him file on the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the optional holiday pay and the four hour penalty pay each day a green check wasn't made available to him. On Thursday a check magically appeared for the 8 hours holiday pay plus 12 hours owed to him in penalty pay.
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    . . . shortages involving more than thirty dollars ($30.00) for fulltime employees, and fifteen dollars ($15.00) for part-time employees, will be corrected and the payment will be made available to the employee at his/her reporting location on his/her second scheduled workday after reporting the shortage. If the Employer fails to make the payment available on the employee’s second scheduled workday and the shortage was the result of the Employer’s error, the employee will be paid an additional amount equal to one-half (1/2) of his/her daily guarantee at his/her regular hourly rate for every full pay period in which the shortage is not paid after the second (2nd) scheduled work day, until corrected.

    Errors of less than thirty dollars ($30.00) for full-time employees or fifteen dollars ($15.00) for part-time employees and overages will be corrected in the following weekly paycheck.

    Any grievance settlement not paid within ten (10) working days of the settlement shall entitle the grievant(s) to a penalty payment as outlined above. The ten (10) working day period shall begin to run when the Labor Department representative agrees to the settlement, or is notified by the Union or management team of the settlement.

    [. . .]

    All green checks will be taxed at the employee’s regular withholding tax rate.
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    Just wanted to let you guys know it's been taken care of. I filed for penalty pay, and like magic the check was there 2 days later. Thanks everyone for your help.