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    Hello all!! Going on 13 years with UPS. Started as a temporary PT loader (Knoxville/Bristol loads) for peak season in '96 in Greensboro, NC. Hired on as an actual employee in '97, and worked pretty much every part-time job. Became permanent pick-off for Sunrise and drove "Irregulars" on the Midnight when I could work doubles. Transferred to AK and have been a Driver 4 years now. That's long story short. Oh yeah, took advantage of Earn and Learn, plus Concern Loan to get through college at UNC-G while part-time. Its been a long strange journey!! :happy-very:
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    Well, welcome to the BC Blueskin!:happy2:
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    Hey Blueskin,

    Welcome to the Brown Cafe!!

    Looking to forward to hearing more from you....