Greetings to all, first post.

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    I've been reading this site since I was hired in early October but I just registered so I'll give my introduction and some background info.

    I've been working at UPS since October. I was hired on for seasonal pre-load shift. I'm a full-time college student finishing up my last couple semesters, when I was hired mid-terms were going on, and during the busiest point of peak I had finals, but I had the best semester I've had yet, go figure. I have this job because I'm putting myself through college. Its been a drag at times, I've managed my time really well, and get the grades I want to, but it really kills my social life going to bed at 8. I'm starting to get over that by setting a goal for myself to spend my last semester in Spain studying, and looking forward to that makes this job and lifestyle not so bad. With that being said I must say that it's very character building working a job like this and going to school and I take a lot of pride in doing blue-collar work, but also being a teamster.

    I don't plan on making a career out of UPS, though I respect anyone that does, you guys make the world turn more than most realize. My dad was a teamster, local 627 though not with UPS, and now I'm local 710 and it's a proud feeling to work union.

    Anyway they hired me in oct for seasonal pre load help. I loaded the junk-loads during peak, also did some driver helping(fun!) After peak those routes disappeared and the first few days of this week I was told I'd be a pit guy sorting/unloading, I was not excited about that, but hey its a gig. I went in today though and they put me back on loading which I much prefer. Its now the new year and I'm still working there. I'm guessing that means my seasonal tag has expired and I'm a regular employee? How does all this translate to my status at UPS/ with the union. I don't have a union card or anything. Where do I stand in seniority? I heard from a friend its like I was hired once in october then again in the new year and everything starts from teh new year, meaning pay raises, benefits and all that start counting from the new year. Basically what I'm asking is when was I transitioned from being seasonal to a regular part-timer, and what am I waiting for and for how long? (pay raise, seniority, benefits)

    Sorry for the long post!

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    Nice to meet you! Welcome to the BrownCafe!
    The part I underlined sums it up pretty accurately.
    After the season, there was probably at least one work day you did not work, establishing a break point between seasonal and permanent status.
    Generally speaking:
    You will attain seniority by working a certain number of days (probably 30) starting after that break point. Your seniority date should then be the first day that you worked. Besides paying dues, there will also be an initiation fee to the union. That will probably be automatically deducted from your pay, much like taxes and FICA.
    The first pay raise ($1/hr) is 90 calendar days after your seniority date. Also, if you are actually loading the delivery trucks or sorting, that should qualify you for an additional $1/hr over someone unloading the trailers on your shift. Next raises would be on anniversaries (annual) of your seniority date.
    Benefits, sorry, probably none, until after 1 year. No paid holidays, sick/personal days, paid vacation, or insurance coverage. Pension vesting usually takes a much longer time, typically 5 years.
    Now, there may be some deviation from what I've said, the specifics are in the Local 710 contract. But I believe I'm pretty close. Hopefully one of the Local 710 UPSers on this site will correct me where I'm wrong.
    Also, check to see if UPS offers any tuition assistance/reimbursement where you're at. In some areas, part time employees may receive up to $3,000/year.
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    Hi Obrero, welcome to BC. I am jealous, going to Spain to study, that will be an experience you wont forget. I hope you will keep us posted, just because you may not be with UPS does not mean you can't be a part of the BC dysfunctional, wacked out family..:surprised:
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    Hi Obrero,

    Welcome to the BrownCafe!

    You seem like you have yourself together with the hard work and goal setting.

    Good luck to you and we look forward to you future posts.
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    So Obrero...are you still here?
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    yes i am still here, but hardly able to check this site seeing as brown depletes me of so much energy. its not really brown, but the combination of working the preload shift and being a full time student at a university. i'm really considering putting in my two weeks. im getting slammed all the time, and i am just sick of going to school in dirty clothes, sweaty, and fallng asleep in class. it seems to hard to even find time to eat. i had a conversation with my professor today about my lacklustre performance and its not a conversation i want to keep having. i don't mind so much not being able to go out and party ever, thats never been my scene, but christ, i gotta take care of myself, it is too hard.
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    You know what's best for you nobody said it would be easy.

    One possibility may be to change your schedule so you can to allow yourself some time to freshen up before class. You do need to take care of yourself and make sure you're ready for class, that's important. You could also look at changing your schedule at UPS maybe a twilight/afternoon shift would work better.

    Whatever the case make sure you look at all your options before making any drastic changes and good luck.
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    yes you are right

    i have enough money to get by for a while, a job interview on monday which i took off work for. i'm going to talk to my supe tuesday and let him know the deal, probably put in my two weeks.

    as far as freshening up for class, there's no time. i use time time to do my homework which is hardly enough. and i'm too drained after classes to do any work.