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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Joeskyline06, May 14, 2013.

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    Long story short, i had a grievance out for the longest time, it finely got settled. My local president told me I would get the money early this week via ups NDA and it would be a live check. I can see the check on was cut on Saturday the 11th...but i still have not gotten it and it hasnt been put in my account..Does anyone know if thats how it will come to me or if it will come a different way?
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    It is a live check. It will not be deposited into your account.
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    Right, so any guess/idea when I should get it?
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    I cashed it yesterday.
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    Here, the manager will give you the check and have you sign (or initial if you so prefer) a copy of the stub for their records. I've seen some stubborn center manager's hold onto checks as long as they can to be irritating. A few I've had NXDA'd to me, my favorite is the one for $6.78 for a supervisor working for 5 minutes (yes he was a di46 about it and it was to prove a point.)
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    One day after it is shipped.
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    In my experience , center manager will hand it to you, ask him if he has it yet
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