Grievance Questions, Supervisors Working and Harassment

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Derryl Sanders, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Derryl Sanders

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    Hi everyone my names Derryl, I work night shift in a UPS Hub in California, Im in Sorter, and everyday me and my fellow UPSers see Supervisors Sorting all night my entire shift, but yet at the end of the night they tell me to clock out and go home but yet they are still doing Union work, so I went to the Union and pick up a 80 "Steward Request For Grievance Investigation" paper because I'm tired of these events happening night after night, if anyone can help me and give me some tips on how to fill out and effective grievance form I would highly appreciate it.

    Another issue at my Hub is harassment, for instance tonight, Im sorting on my door and its backed up because we only have 4 sorter in our sort which we usually have about 7-9 sorter, and the coordinator kept coming over to me tell me "come on come, move faster faster!" but moving at a fast pace in sort feels unsafe because if your not paying attention you can put a package on a belt up high then it slide off sometimes and hits people in the head or back which is dangerous when the package is 40-69 pounds and this also causes miss sorts, so I told him that I was working at a safe and consistent pace, but he kept harassing me about moving faster and this was over a 20mins period that he's on my back, so I raised my voice but wasnt yelling and I told him "Get out of my face, I feel like your harassing me and its very unpleasant to have you keep rushing me to Sort faster" so then he pulled me to the side and told me " if you dont watch your tone with me, I will walk you out of here and you wont come back" then he directed me back to Sorting and continued to harass me about moving faster.

    Please someone give me advice on how to further address this situation because this if one of many times that this has happened to me and others in my Hub.

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    You are guaranteed 3.5 hours per day and cannot work more than 5.5 hours. If you are getting your 3.5 but not working up to 5.5 and are asked to leave and supervisors take over you do have basis for a grievance.

    Your supervisor is right--you do need to be respectful to them even though they may not be respectful toward you. This may be hard to do but you need to ignore them when they are yelling at you.
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    Thank you, I agree I shouldn't have raised my voice at him, its just that this has been going on for while and I am a very peaceful guy, but I felt like if I didnt some how stand up to him that it would continue and it did, I was in the wrong for that but at 4am in the morning its gets irritating to have to go through this, but Id figure to come to you guys to get advice and handle this the correct way :)
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The "right way" would be to wait until the sort is over and ask him if you could talk to him for a few minutes. Express your concerns in a calm, rational voice. Keep in mind that the sup in question is under a lot of pressure to get the sort down on time--that does not excuse him yelling at you. Good luck.
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    Now see we've done that twice Ive had 2 1hour meeting with the Manager, our Hub Steward and the Coordinator and he just keeps apologizing over and over then they end our meeting, and then the next day after he goes back doing the same thing so I wanted to find out the next step on what to do? or should can I just ignore him and continue to work at a safe steady pace without being fired?
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You need to file two grievances--one for the supervisors working (Article 3, Section 7) and the other for the harassment (Article 37).
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    Wow thanks so much your like the Yoda of Brown Cafe :wink2:
    Now as far as filing my grievances effectively, just follow the 5 W's and turn it into my Union?
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    Yoda Pearl? Wait a minute, I have to erase a mental image right now!
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    yes lol
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    Thank you for the compliment. I am hardly a Yoda but do have 23 years of experience.

    The one thing I didn't mention is that the minute you file the grievance(s) you will have a target on your back. You will then need to do everything by the book.

    If you hang around here long enough you will figure out that there is a member who feels that she must post on every single thread in every single forum. She generally adds little to nothing to the discussion (such as her post in this thread), has mastered the art of copy/paste and needs the assistance of a trained guide to locate an original thought. She is quickly approaching a significant milestone which will cause the editors of an online dictionary to redefine a word in her honor.

    Good luck to you. Dave.
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    Oh yeah, it's Sat. You could dust your apartment or vacuum your cats.........but you always start on the weekend before it's even light out here and talk about me, behind my back. What a hen !! Grow a pair, Nancy.

    Oh, and Derryl, nice to meet you! I'll leave you to form your own opinions about people.
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    I would of filed a grievance right after the sort for both instances without a prior conversation. It lets them know that your not tolerating their irrational behavior. Just play by the rules cause you know whats coming next. I'd then file everyday till it stops. I see the same crap in my building.
  13. 728ups

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    When i was a loader the louder they yelled the slower I'd go. Dont argue with them,don't raise your voice,and when they tell you to pick it up respond with something along the lines of'I'm working as safely as I can" .
    There is no reason in the world to put up with harassment,file file file on that crap
  14. Derryl Sanders

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    Alright thanks guys so much for the advice, I will turn in my grievance papers to the union on Monday morning
  15. PiedmontSteward

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    Do you even have a steward on your shift? If this problem is widespread and supervisors are blatantly doing bargaining unit work, chasing people off the clock, and harassing union members for speaking up.. then your steward is an ineffective jackass. I suggest you talk to employees that feel the same way and back you on what you're doing and even consider starting a petition to have you appointed as a steward by your local.

    Also, make sure you get some witnesses on your grievances and ask for time worked as double pay as a resolution. If your business agent is worth a damn, you'll get a big chunk of time.
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    Wow yoda more like the only one up this early on a sat morn on browncafe. Also I hope upstate has vacation this week may take awhile for the head swelling to go down so he can get out the door.

    P.S. not saying u didn't give the right advice upstate just not yoda. Maybe u should have said file a grievance you must lol
  17. Derryl Sanders

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    Yes we do, but their pretty lazed about most situations we kinda have to become our own steward and work together and stand up for ourselves
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    wow , so thankful I work in the south and have a sack .
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    You could always calmly ask the sup to demonstrate the pace you need to keep. Chances are you would get a nice look of embarrassment on their face. Either they will and fail,or wont and look stupid. At least you would get some mental satisfaction
  20. grgrcr88

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    Well mercy me, Upstate was right about one thing!! That amazes me!! You are guaranteed 3.5hrs per day, however there is no cap on how many hours you can work in a day. UPS may not want you to work more than 5hrs but there is nothing that says you cannot!! I don't care if you have worked 12 hours already, if you are sent home and a sup does any union work, you have a right to grieve for the time. And get paid double time for all time they worked.