Ground driver drops the ball..OUCHHH

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    Ohhh shut, I hate when that happens..[video][/video]
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    LOL talk about a bad day. :knockedout:
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    Promote this guy into management. He 'panics" when he notices his door is open, so what's the logical response? Kick all the remaining packages into the street.


    That's exactly what you get when you employ cheap labor. That behavior does not shows a lot of professionalism. Not exactly the kind of free press Mr. Smith likes Wall Street to read about. Dont forget though, you get what you pay for.
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    So this is cheap labor? And the Express guy who ran over the kid is what? Overpriced cheap labor?
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    No one at any FedEx opco is overpriced...Cheap? I would say yes when you compare the labor rates/benefits to those of our rival. Compared to UPS, we are VERY cheap.


    Apples and oranges again. The Express guy got into an accident. Yes, a very sorry and terrible accident, but not something he chose to do. By definition, an accident is anunfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally. On the other hand, we got a Ground guy that goes balistic and freaks out because his back door opens up, and a few packages fell off. He thens decides to kick all the rest of his cargo. And you going to tell me you that $8.00 an hour isnt cheap labor? Give a break!
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    Sounds like this isn't the only guy fed up with the smart post bs


    This from another news source:

    Witnesses called the police, but the inspector says that “some packages had already been taken away by people in the area.”

    “Some” is an understatement.

    The truck was to deliver 435 packages to the post office, presumably as part of that FedEx SmartPost program, which so many readers have told us combines the worst aspects of FedEx and USPS.
    Of those 435 original packages, only 31 made it to their destinations intact. 90 packages were discovered empty and 314 parcels have vanished completely".
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    Here's the best part...

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    Ive had that feeling but i closed the door and left my kicking foot in the truck
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    Time to bring-out the pandas for some PR. Maybe they'll arrive in the electric van.
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    Sorry, not much surprises me when it comes to ground guys anymore. Like others said you get what you pay for.
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    Really. Maybe bbsam can snatch this guy up when he gets all of our non-overnight volume.
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    How many more of this stupid contractor stuff will Memphis allow, BIG BLACK EYE for Fred. The contractor model will not work when they have little or no control over the type of persons that have access to thousands of dollars of merchandise.

    One gets, what one pays for!!!
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    I know millioniares that have stolen billions. So much for overpriced labor. But you got to love the story, some fell out... so duh I kick the rest out. Nice.
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    How would you feel if you had 150 stops a day, worked 70 hours a week and got a 600 dollar check? I'd probably do worse. Hell, I'm pretty sure I'd do one better. Friggin company.
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    Oh, just stop yourself and go back and read hundreds of posts on this site. Every misstep at Ground get the "cheap labor" charge and every jackass thing an Express driver does damn near gets defended because "the company is screwing us".


    I wasn't talking about the hundreds other posts on this site. I'm talking about this one case in particular and there is no doubt the low-paid employee was not professional and acted postal. Its a fact; the Ground model isn't the real FedEx. I see it everyday out there, I read about, and customers complain about it all the time.
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