Ground Drivers Rate Of Pay?

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  1. Just curious as to what the average Ground driver makes around the country ...

    Also, are you offered sick days? Vacation? Bonuses?
  2. MrFedEx

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    As low as they can get away with. In my area, I see two basic schemes. The first is starting pay of $10-$12 per hour, with a "performance bonus" for more than a certain number of completed stops. The second is the flat-rate salary, which varies between $500-$750 per week, with the higher rates usually going to the straight truck drivers. Neither offers any benefits at all, but I usually see 2 weeks of vacation offered. I would assume it is unpaid.
  3. snackdad

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    Most of the time the Local FedEx Ground operations and FedEx Home as well are too cheap to advertise in anything other than Craigslist in my area. I take glee in flagging every ad. I suggest you do the same.
  4. STFXG

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    Why pay for Job advertising if Craigslist works?
  5. LTFedExer

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    Solely depends on the contractor hiring him/her.
  6. CanonPowerlifter

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    damn, this kinda sucks. but, fedex cane be something i can fall onto.
  7. SmithBarney

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    I was once offered $10/hr for ground.. LOL with, no benis, no vacation, no paid sick. for a heavy commercial route doing about 180stops 350-400pieces a day...
  8. STFXG

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    Guys in my area average anywhere from 500 to 875 weekly... Some get paid vacation some dont get any vacation. Depends on the situation. None get benefits. I've been thinking of offering benefits, will wait until 2014 and see what the exchanges bring and what it does to the cost first.
    HD guys always get paid less. Usually a piece rate for them. Average around 1.00 per stop.
  9. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    There are 2 Ground ISP's in this area who are willing (in theory, at least) to pay a premium for any Expressers who will come drive for them. They pay their guys $600 a week but I don't know how much they'd pay above that.
  10. MrFedEx

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    Wow, that is some big-time money, especially when you consider that is probably for 60 hrs per week. Livin' large, Smith-style.
  11. Even at 50 hours a week that's still 12.00 bucks an hour. That's petty good! Oh wait...
  12. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    If you keep your attitude in check they may find a spot for you.
  13. MrFedEx

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    Maybe Ground has contract-shill opportunities. You'll be a non-employee with no benefits working for peanuts. Since you advocate for this perhaps you should go for it.
  14. I get paid vacation, paid sick time, paid holidays .. and make more than what some of you are saying is the avg .. and I've been there just over a year .. I have no complaints ..
  15. Nick9075

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    Are you working for FedEx ground?? You should know that overhead & expenses are huge. I just bought 2 home delivery routes in NYC. Drivers get paid between $650 - $800 a week with an extra week of pay at end of year. After weekly expenses & the settlement deduction I am netting less than $1,000 a week until things pick up..
  16. bbsam

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    How do you like it so far, Nick?
  17. Nick9075

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    So far so good. The former contractor is managing it for me. This is the slowest point of the year but should pick up quickly. I have enough cash left over to expand the route -- looking at buying an additional Ford Econoline E350
  18. DorkHead

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    Hey bbsam, what kind of fuel compensation does FedEx give you?
    Not trying to be nosy, just curious.
  19. menotyou

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    I get 55.5 cents a mile. :rofl:

    (liberty pays for travel)
  20. bbsam

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    It's s negotiated rate from one ISP to another and paid per stop and fluctuates by percentage with a base fuel cost reelative to geographical location.