Ground / Home Delivery a single system meltdown

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  1. OrioN

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    Apparently the flaws of this system & the management lack of properly zoning the clusters correctly is taking it's toll on the drivers...


    Some can't adapt to the way preload is not scanning boxes to have it on the manifest. It's as bad as 20 surprise boxes on a route!

    Misloads are also a common problem since most just load n go. The neighboring route will have some of my boxes.

    The poorly executed zoning of these clusters on many routes are having drivers bounce all over the work area boundaries, adding more time to their salaried day

    There's no way to keep section group to ten stops per cluster??? That way, I lineup and verify more quickly on the road.

    I'll catch any surprises of extra boxes or missing ones from my manifest and adapt as needed this way.

    Swing driver now since some routes are vacant drivers and I change my route daily so freight won't be sitting untouched for a week.

    With no proper input from the management, it will default on how the route sequence to be like this:


    So after I cover a vacant route, I tell them why the driver walked out from it and to tweak the wad so it can run east to west or north to south... straight lining.

    I was doubling back to the same neighborhood two to three times, it's ridiculous for a salaried employee to be following an inefficient sequence.

    So here's an ideal way that I used to run my bid route:


    Blue and red paths from terminal to home... covering one neighborhood cluster without double backing to it.

    Since HD ops mostly have resis pickups and call tags, no time constraints to break trace to get them.

    Yeah, I know WAGN, but I don't want that much b2b stops... the manifest still can't distinguish between "res" and business yet? I noticed it default to all residential when some were definitely "bus"

    That's my take on the new system.

    Express, stay outta this one. Thanks
  2. OrioN

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    we're still trying to play catch up with the volume.

    Other supplemental drivers from far away terminals are coming over to help put out the fires.

    Another 6 day work week ahead.

    They're lucky we switch to the single system in the summer; you got until September to get your act together... hire supplemental and future replacement drivers now!

    We lost about 10% of the drivers due to poor planning... get those clusters tightened & make the delivery trace straight lined.

    Also, warehouse workers' errors shouldn't be on the drivers to fix on road... don't put dex 027 on them when they have missed boxes that were not on the manifest.

    I got my preliminary manifest for Monday already & has noticed a handful of misplots as well that are half an hour away from the work area I'm covering... dex 012 it is, unless my manager will pay me extra to clean plate
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  3. SecondTier Driver

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    Welcome to Ground and their fantastic loading/plotting abilities.

    I lost more drivers to that problem than anything else while I was there.
  4. dmac1

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    I used to take from 15-45 minutes a day to make sure I knew where every package was going and that it was plotted right, and corrected the order to avoid doubling back. IN a bigger area, it makes more difference. The time I took ended up saving more time than it cost. I covered around 1000 sq miles, and misplots could cost more than just a few minutes. Sometimes just tweaking the sequence was the only thing that made it possible. It should be impressed on EVERY driver to take the time to review his load and planned route. Unscanned packages are a different story, but if it is on the manifest, there's no excuse for having an unacceptable number of double-backs or packages that should be on another truck.

    Granted, I only had three drivers, but I personally reviewed each manifest to make sure the driver knew of any issues. I guess these days not every ISP has spent weeks or months driving each route, and can't be 100% familiar with issues that repeat time after time.
  5. OrioN

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    Today was a :censored2: show... the sequence was on point... but the sid numbers was all over the place!

    So instead of marking the boxes with sid #s, I actually marked them with the suggested delivery order from box 1-130

    Driving blind and following the suggested Garmin GPS trace, this one route driver has his zones on an efficient order!

    I actually didn't have to double back to a cleaned neighborhood.

    Caught 2 unscanned boxes, grrr.... butt since I was following the suggested delivery order, I caught them and used my backup Garmin to plot the stops in between the listed ones.

    Caught 4 misplots.... set them aside. quick input stated I was only 10 miles away from my final stop. Done before 1615 today.

    Organization is key, butt it's getting to the point that I may become a member of team:


    ...And will probably check out those blue Amazon vans & their tech

    5 Amazon fulfillment centers in my state... u know they're going to ramp up subcontractor operation before this coming peak.

    In addition, 1 contractor that has the ground cloud system is doing exceptionally well... they spot the unscanned stops and automatically plot them into the ipads of the corresponding route! None of his drivers are pulling their hair out...
  6. Monsterlips

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    Then the want to cut your pay
  7. zeev

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    Amazon is calling
  8. BootsOnTarmac

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    No. Express is calling.
  9. Cactus

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    Yeah, calling for late freight every day this week, except on Sunday.
  10. dvalleyjim

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    Uhh, not rocket science. Put box in in the truck and go deliver it. This is my plan. I want to limit the times I actually touch-move a box. Once throwing in the truck, once delivering it. That's 2 touches. I try not to ever go over 3.
  11. zeev

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    I know Fedex loves to complicate things with new technology they buy and than don’t now how to use.
  12. OrioN

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    Shrugs, it is wut it is...

    If the bc doesn't set up the wad correctly, then the driver suffers and walk away... p.s.with does wad means? Work Area D***

    I'm just trying out other routes to see if they have set it similar to my trace... common sense to implement that way.

    One driver so far has his zones on point like mines.

    Come September, I'll be back to my own route. So tweak away and minimize the missed scans & misloads

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    If you load your own truck there should be no misloads. Ttku.
  14. OrioN

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    Brah, I do read every PAL as I sort on the floor...

    It's my neighboring route drivers who wants to get on road asap that uses this method of loading their trucks, trusting the sorters did their jobs


    Taking my boxes for a ride...

    I spot their misloads & put em on the belt for qa to deal with. I won't take boxes for a ride anymore...

    people still have surprise packages since preloaders are still not scanning them in their truck and either double back to deliver them as they clear each section or code them 027

    Stay outta grounds topic, thanks
  15. McFeely

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    The Express drivers will just keep looking at every pkg/address on their truck then and not have any misplots or unscanned packages on road. You Ground drivers keep on doing what works for you, because it's obvious that the handlers at your terminal are clearly top-notch employees that are there to make your work easier.

    I mean, who would want to spend a whole extra 5 MINUTES IN THE STATION in order to avoid an extra HOUR on road delivering stuff?

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    There's this thing called an address label...... :happy2:
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  17. Fred's Myth

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    Just praise the Good Lord you don't have ROADS changing your route every day so that some days you don't even cover the same area. Route knowledge??Area knowledge?? Professional Road Atlas!
  18. OrioN

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    Road atlas???? Wut is dat????

    Yeah I'm a guinea pig to go out to other routes in the blind just for the summer...

    So far it's not too bad., some routes want you to fish out of different sections for some reason.

    1500, then ,3000, then back to 2000, a 6000 outta nowhere, 4000... good thing I had the printout, & verified all of my cargo so I loaded accordingly

    I'm already used to the Garmin GPS, so it's stress free doing routes blind for me.

    Butt still... I'll be back to my bid route in the fall.

    @sadmanhere are your drivers adjusting to this system yet?
  19. OrioN

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    So I'm on a current rural area since they are still waiting for the background checks to clear for job applicants... by that time, some potential suck-errrr, I mean driver will have moved on to another job prospect.

    I'm coming in later as the sort is wrapping up and I'll start to fine sort my load on the floor... after my vehicle service audit & inbound scan is done.

    Then go to dispatch to get the printed manifest.

    Instead of writing SiD# or HiN# on the box, I'll use the corresponding sequence# instead & preload them in stop order... just like in the vrp days.

    It suits this box truck so I already touched each box & plotted the un-scanned ones / mis-plots in stop order. Warehouse workers are finally up to speed with less mis-sorts and mis-scans.

    Sure, it is taking more time at the terminal end, butt I can now drive stress free & my whole cargo is loaded in stop order.

    It took me about 2 weeks to find the GPS misplots & is compiling a cheat sheet for the replacement driver.

    so he'll reduce his DEX 02/03 as I had at least one per day on the 1st week...
  20. CJinx

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    AWAD: Automated Work Area Design.
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