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    Hey everyone. Yeah I'm a newbie (first post here), so pardon my potential stupidity.

    I was wondering what it's like to work at a UPS ground hub versus a UPS air cargo terminal. I'm thinking about applying for a job at the local air terminal (SYR) for an evening shift. I applied for a job at the ground hub last year and took a tour; I decided to wait a little bit since I'm still in high school before making a decision. I don't think our air terminal is a major sorting hub. However, the ground facility is a big hub for our area.

    (They're not hiring at this time, but I'm asking in case an opening should show up.)

    Any suggestions?
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    Welcome to UPS kid!! you will be better off working in a hub ,chance to move up the ladder ,lots of jobs and lots of turn over wich will enable you to move up the ladder.. If you work at the airport you won't get as many hours and you will be out side for 3/4 hours in that brutal winter in a much more high pressure job. Get your self a good pair of work shoes,your feet are everything on this job.If you get hired it will be for Christmas only so don't get your hopes up too high for permanent job. But do the best you can,and do exactly as they teach you i t will save your body from aches and up on time everyday and dont call in sick..they know who the workers are that do a good job and with any luck you will be called back after peak!! if you hit the search key you can read other post from newbies who in the past have had your same ???""S I got family in Jamestown who are already gettin hammered with snow,I'm sure you are as well!!!!!! good luck and have THICK SKIN on this site!!
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    Thanks for the help! I worked at a grocery store pushing carts for the past year and a half in all weather conditions (thunderstorms, bitter cold, heat waves, lake effect snow, etc.) so weather wouldn't be an issue for me. The only problem with UPS is that I have days during the week I can't work. My current job is flexible, but Im looking for a job on a regular schedule. Getting the job at UPS was only an idea, I'm still contemplating it.
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    UPS is the most flexible. Works around almost any college or other job schedule, (Days, Evenings, Nights, Early morning) shifts
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    UPS is flexible but he is talking about scheduled days off each week and that just ain't gonna happen. UPS is part time but you will work 5 days a week.

    Syracuse is a fairly good sized air hub. We get both air and ground from Syracuse in my center.
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    To work at any airport location one must pass a background check in order to get the proper badges for access.
    go work in the ground hub.
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    Yes..And it's not very convenient...Have to make a few trips back and forth, Deal with high security and rude airport employees..Finger printed etc..And you have to spend a couple hours watching aiport security videos, And not to mention wait an hour in the terminal even when you get there on time. Must have two legal forms of ID or you will not get anything accomplished. Some days you show up hours before they're actually "closed" and then they decided at some point to cut off all new badge applications for the day and you must come back the next day, Or sometimes they only do it 2 times a week so you end up having to wait until the next week lol, Paying to park in the garage sucks, As you can tell I had a few minor problems and it was a pain but no big deal :happy-very: It's worth it once you get it
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    I used to be combo full time over at Boeing Field near Seattle and I had there for 6 years before being layoff this year. I have seen part timers have their hours are limited at by 3 to 3 1/2 hrs and thats it. Right now I am back to the hub and working part time. The hub is up to 4 to 5 hrs on twilight and night sort. I'm not sure on preload of what their hours are but might be the same or less is which I believed. Due to economy at this time things has been changed by different hours as depends of how much volume flows in as in hub, we usually end shift by 3 hrs or by 3 1/2. Hopefully in 2009, we believed that we will have a good year and a good chance getting our volume back to normal but uncertain of how or when we will get our jobs returns to full time.
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    The air ops in Phoenix has there own entrance. I thought it was the same at all air ops, but from your post Stinger that isn't so?
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    Yeah, I would have to take Mondays off, and other time off for student government activities. Not being able to take time off is basically my only reason for not accepting a job at UPS. My mom used to work at the airport, so I spent a lot of time there when I was younger. That explains why I'd like to work at the airport. :happy2: But with all the new security checks and stuff like that, I don't know if it would be worth it. Would it be possible to get a tour of the air hub too, or is that against security policy?

    Oh, and I never knew Syracuse was a sorting hub for air shipments, we're such a small town!
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    Yeah the air hub is in it's own building but when you first get your badge here you have to go through one of main terminals at our airport