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    i recently started doing early am and sometimes don't get in 3 and a half hours. i have heard that we are supposed to be guaranteed 3 and a half hours is this true? at my other position i never had to worry about this because i usually got in 4 hours or more. thanks
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    There is no guarantee for air exception driving, which includes early am delivery. If you are new to exception delivery make sure you record your time, as it seems most payroll errors come from air driving and double sorting.
    A lot of times the center will have 10:30 commits that the drivers need help delivering or a Next Day will show up after the drivers have left the bldg. If you are available to make those deliveries let the center know and this can often turn into more work for you!
    Good Luck.
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    Gator, if you're referring to a part-time Air Driver position, read:
    ARTICLE 40, Section 1, (d), (2)
    Less than eight (8) hour air drivers (part-time air drivers) who have a regular scheduled start time shall have a three (3) hour daily guarantee. They shall receive overtime pay for hours worked in excess of eight (8) hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period or in excess of forty (40) hours per week.
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    Yep, talk to sups about 10:30 air. I am an EAM driver and lucky enough to have a route for 10:30 air. Also ask the sups about saturdays. If your not already working the saturday shift.