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    As of today we have a runner and gunner promoted to an on-road sup. They have been a cover driver for about 7/8 years and now they going to be in charge of the centers' worst over allowed, ie worst numbers. They have never had a bid route nor have they ever run a route they are now managing. I see this becoming a problem between those in those loops, myself included, and those they would supervise. Has anyone here had the same problem and how do you reason with these talking corporate heads. ~~~Side note~~~ I talked to this new on-road tonight and said want me to improve the numbers(that I don't care about) come for a ride and tell me what to do different. Should I advise my co-workers the same or should I let this new on-road figure it out themselves. Thanks for your input I'm not trying to stir trouble but just trying to just advise for those involved.
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    most of the people in operations have never driven or driven for a very short time, even us scumbag runners have a grasp of the realities about this job
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    I agree. We have a couple of onroads who were promoted from PT without any driving experience. I get along well with both, probably because I worked so long aside them, but many other drivers don't.
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    I don't know if this person "gets it." That remands to been seen. They have run many different routes; but they were mainly in rural areas where SPORH goes out the window. What I and many of my co-workers are worried about is trying to explain to the new on-road that city is different then rural. Even after we force them on the road to learn the routes'. Are we going to fight an up hill battle like we've never seen before or have other experienced this and how do we keep from extra work on our routes; because we are already stretched to the max ( savers dlvd at 1459 bus. in the late 1600's). I'm just looking for advice on how to deal with before we have to grieve, b/c that doesn't seem to make a difference.
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    How about waiting to see if they do?
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    play the game according to the methods......if they persist with you attaining the numbers, invite them to drive w/ you.......document everything, especially when they get behind the wheel to show "proper" delivery techniques......HAVE YOUR CELLPHONE the sup. running up driveways, leaping from the pkg. car, and not making secure deliveries..........if you are driving and the sup. starts questioning you about anything while the vehicle is in motion, pull to the side of the road and indicate that this a distraction...SAFETY ISSUE.........if they persist contact the center via the DIAD...that sup. is a safety distraction, and you will not continue until this ceases.........I threatened a sup., w/ all of these issues......they backed off
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    This guy has to change his ways and follow all the methods.This will prove that you are doing things right.
    Relax,you can't get blood from a stone.
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    He'll learn how things work either the easy way or the hard way. Just follow the methods and take your full lunch and breaks everyday. He'll thinks he going to be the next best thing then sliced bread in the end he's going to be like every other SUP out there. They all know the numbers that they are told that need to be met will never happen the tell us the same BS at every PCM just to justify and keep there job.

    It is what it is and he isn't going to change that even though he thinks he can.
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    This isn't the first time this has happened and it won't be the last. Good for him I bet he changes the world working his 13hour days.
  10. rod

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    A runner/gunner switching to management won't last long. Their juggling numbers and cooking the books ( the only way they know how to work) will come back to haunt them. They will be thrown under the bus like the family pig.
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    If I was in your center........and I was a newer driver, I would welcome your advice. Sounds like your center has gone threw a BIG shake up over the last year or so.
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    All good advice, wait and see is the best.
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    If you know your methods and know your contract, it doesnt really matter who your supervisor is. If this guy is a gunner, he is in for a reality check and that will be his problem not yours. He is an on road supervisor, which means he is little more than a cheerleader on the sidelines. He doesnt have any authority, he doesnt have the ability to make any operational decisions, and he doesnt have the ability to fire you. And in a year or two.... he will be promoted or transferred or fired and there will be a brand new guy walking around with a clipboard and a head full of unrealistic expectations, and the process will be repeated once again.
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    Only 1 of our on road sups was a full time driver before becoming a supervisor.