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    At this point, all I would like to tell is that it was a hit in rear. I had to do a ride with my center manager and district manager and had to do all my Tier testing, my 5 seeing habits, the 10 point comm., all of that, all over again. Plus be on a conference call with package car manager, district, region, and health and safety. It has not been fun. But, I passed all of the above. It comes down to my 30 days in 90 to be qualified since I just started the reg temp thing back in may. They're saying that after these past 3 days of "You know your stuff more than 90 percent of the FULL time drivers" and "Hey, you did an excellent job" from both the district and business manager, they now want to bring the issue up of my 30 in 90 qualification days. I've been driving saturdays since the end of july beginning of august, did shuttle at least 10 times and rode with the package car sup a few times for help on our new shopping outlet ( i drove half the time). Plus covered for the morning air guy at least twice. They're saying saturdays and air don't count. Why? Air and Ground......you're still driving a truck. You're still operating a package car, what's the difference? I feel like i need to fight this one....
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    different job classifications
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    What does any of that have to do with an accident?
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    He got hit in the rear and that's all he will say.
    (besides all the other stuff that has nothing to do with an accident)
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    In our district, if you are in an accident, any kind of accident, during your qualification, you wash out and are not eligible to sign another bid for 1 year.

    I went to driving school with a guy from a tiny out state center. He was there replacing a guy that hit a deer during his qualification. The deer hitter had been pt for 9 years and his replacement was saying that it would probably be 5 years till another retirement.

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    Woah, wait, wait, wait........

    Did you get hit in rear or did you hit someone in the rear. if you got hit in the rear, then it was not your fault unless you hit a vehicle in front of you. If you hit someone in the rear all by your lonesome then that is your fault.

    i got rearended by a tractor trailer about 1.5 years ago on the highway. traffic stopped in front of me and we went from 60 to 0 in a split second. i got stopped in time to not hit the guy in front of me. unfortunately a tractor trailer, who did not leave himself enough of a space cushion, careened into the back of me. Fortunately in that split second traffic directly in front of commenced and instead of hitting a car I got pushed into the median wall.
    The safety manager tried to pin it on me, but I quickly put a halt on that after pointing out that I hit NOBODY. Never heard another word.

    Plus with the help of modern technology I was able to take pictures of ht3e accident scene with my cell phone for UPS' record since I knew the towing guy would have it moved before anyone from UPS would be able to get their and take their own pictures.

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    I know it's kind of off topic, but those are really clear, clean cell phone pictures.
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    It was my fault, hence it was a hit OTHER in rear, sorry should of put that other in there. Going back to the classification, if you're driving a package car, isn't that considered one of your qualification days, air or not?

    And the not signing another bid for a year thing....

    My package car sup was saying something along those lines that I could fall back on air shuttle. Of course that's a big difference between 16.10 and 12.35 (my current belt rate, they go by your insider rate for air rate so you can progress on your belt rate) but hey....I can progress still and I can still drive saturdays so that'll give me a few more hours, little more money. I just do not understand why they won't consider air driving as DRIVING.
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    And guys trust me, I'd tell you the details but everythings still up in the air as in investigation wise. Plus my position is on the line along with it, once it's all done and over with (just waiting to hear from labor department if I have my 30 or not) and then we will know my fate. Wish me luck :-/.........I'll give you a hint....count 1-2-3 and then left right left before starting up.........
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    Different classification, i have an employee works my sort 4 days a week and does satuday delivery, if he does it 30 weeks should he be able to hope into bid without having to qualify? and really it is 2 different jobs on saturdays and running air your generally not doing a traditional route, you wont have to contend with rush hour traffic, kids getting out of school, detours, business closures etc
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    I agree, usually hate cell phone pics, but those are great. Good job on the CYA, Ry.

    Air driving does not count toward any other driving. Sorry that you'll have to get a do over.
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    SO if I hit someone while driving Sat, air I tell em it don't count cuz its Saturday???? sounds good to me!!!
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    Ha! Yup, should be a 2 way street, right???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That also brings up a good point that I'm going to fight. If I'm going to be DQ'd for reg temp and they say I can't drive at all because im DQ'd for reg temp, I'm gonna bite right back and say "well, you're not counting my saturdays nor my air days as days towards reg temp, so what's the matter with me driving shuttle and saturdays?"
  15. over9five

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    Be careful what you say! Anyone they can fire now is one less they'll have to lay off after Peak.
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    If you get hit in the rear and it can be proved that you did not allow a space cushion and you had to slam onto your brakes which caused the vehicle behind you to hit you in the rear .... it is possible you could be charged with an accident.
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    I was just going to touch on what lifer said. They could say if you had left enough space you could have allowed your self to roll forward to increase the space for the guy behind you. Not passing judgement,I`ve been in that situation. Nowadays they would stick you at least being partially avoidable.
  18. UPS Lifer

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    You could even say that IF you left yourself an out on each side you would be able to move to the path of least resistance.

    Anymore.... you can get charged with an accident while being parked and away from the vehicle!!!! Nothing surprises me!
  19. cachsux

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    We had a guy a few months back sitting at a stoplight with a single drop pup on back,he`s lead vehicle by himself at the line. A drunk comes up,never lifts,and plows into back of trailer. UPS` decision? Our guy should have honked his horn to let drunk know he was stopped. Avoidable accident.
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    So what happens exactly if you are charged with an accident?