Had my interview today! Seeking forum mentor


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Had one of my trucks walked out daily by a center manager that wanted to make sure a certain driver I didn't get along with was taken care of. Happened for like 2 months till the driver bid on a different route.

Harassment? Probably. But drivers, as a general rule, have more pull than part timers.
I'm just saying. You want to be friends with the guys you have to work with day in and day out.

Drivers and preloaders have a symbiotic relationship that most people don't acknowledge. We're on the same team.
I get that we're on the same team and all but there are more than a few * drivers that act like loaders are paid millions of dollars to groom their truck in particular, that they're trained to actually do their job, etc. (things I'm sure everyone has heard about drivers telling loaders). When drivers complain about their loads from other people I always try to explain things for them but the mindset of some of them is oversimplistic and annoying. If the center manager talked to me every day about my loading while ignoring the circumstances surrounding why things are the way they are without doing anything to fix those circumstances I'd take it as a welcome opportunity to tell him to *
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