Had my Package Handler overview "meeting" today...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rmelzer1986, May 15, 2012.

  1. rmelzer1986

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    So I applied at UPS on Friday or Saturday and was placed into an information-type class with 20 other people. Went in and sat through an informative session with an HR manager, where, while I would agree the work is extremely high-paced and difficult, it seemed she was trying to weed people out who didn't know what they were getting into. I filled out the sheet we were given with my information and how my previous job was high-paced and was on my feet the whole time.

    We were told that we would hear something between 2 and 5 weeks as to whether we'd get an interview.

    Now I know it was a stupid move on my part, as I usually don't pick up numbers on my cell phone that don't have a name attached to them, but I got a call from a local number that I then checked Google and saw that it was a UPS number. They didn't leave a message, they wouldn't assume I wasn't interested because I didn't pick up, right? Wasn't exactly expecting to hear back so soon with the HR person saying 2-5 weeks.

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    Better hope the next 3 guys they were calling right after you did the same thing!
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Return the phone call tomorrow morning. Good luck.
  4. rmelzer1986

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    Well I tried to call back just now and I got an automated message saying it was an unassigned UPS number.

    Hopefully they call again.
  5. splozi

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    I would track down a number and call them back. I don't think they will make a huge effort to get ahold of you.

    Maybe someone here can find one for you if you don't mine disclosing what center you applied at.
  6. rmelzer1986

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    Laurel, MD
  7. OCRookie

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    If you received a call from a UPS center phone, the number that shows on your Caller ID will not accept phone calls.

    Your best bet is to get the # for the center that you applied for. Be careful, you will find 1-800 #'s but you want the actual local # to a direct line at the center.

    Also, you might want to figure out where the HR department is for that district. Typically it will be in the large Metro area centers that house multiple offices. Try them as well. You will also benefit from having the name of the person who conducted your walkthrough for reference. Good luck
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    If you get a good number to call them back on tell them you couldn't pick up because it would be distractive driving while in your green and white vehicle.

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    All for minimum or near minimum wage in most states. 2-5 weeks. lol. Surprised they didn't call you on your way home. Who wants to work here anymore? Around where I am, only the college kids who get tuition assistance want the job. After Union dues, taxes and gas......you'll be working nearly for free. Go work in a climate controlled environment somewhere that pays more and offers discounts or free food or something. For the naysayers reading this before you get all UPS nationalistic on me........$8.50 x 4 = $34 - $7.75(taxes) = $26.25 x 5days = $131.25 - $5.50(union dues after he pays all the initiation fees) = $125.75 Now take out gas. Maybe $100 left? That's if he gets 20 hrs. He might get 17.50 hrs. This has gotten rediculous. Actually disgusting. That type of pay to work in 0 to 110 degree trailers? I wouldn't send my kid here. If you do, you don't love them. Let's see, Walmart for $9 p/hr in a climate controlled environment stocking shelves with a 10% discount or UPS in 0 or 110 degree trailers where they can sustain injuries, pay dues and have different hours everyday with as little as 17.5hrs. Gee tough call. The tuition assistance is all that keeps us staffed.
  10. rmelzer1986

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    Honestly, that's fine by me. I'm a full-time student and have altogether $200 in bills each month, so from your calculations, I would have ~$200 to live on. For a student living with his parents, that's all I'd need.

    PS: I found a local number last night and when I called it, I got one of those "Temporarily disconnected" messages. And of course, you can only use the 800-number for tracking and supplies, said "Operator" and it replied that I had to use one of 4 options, none of which was talking to an actual person.
  11. splozi

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    Uh, I make $180/wk after taxes at UPS. Keep in mind that not everybody works an "unskilled" position. $9.50/hr start, $10.50 after 3 months. Also, not everyone works four hours or less a day. At least half the loaders at my center do 4.5 daily. In a few months I'll be making 11.50.

    Now, those who are somehow making $13x a week, they have something to think about.

    FAVREFAN Member

    Well consider yourself lucky. Newbies at my building get 17.5-20. Sometimes they push people to go home after 2 hrs too. All positions at my hub are unskilled.
  13. barnyard

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    I would imagine that even if you did find a number that worked, by now they have filled the vacancies they were looking to fill.

    Positions fill fast when you have 250 people applying for 6 positions.
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    go part-time sup , and quit when u get a day job