haha something funny about the new Yard Control so called training.

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    So I decided to be a "dick" haha somewhat and on my CSA which we already have to fill out every week about 8 and 5 keys and so on. But now we have to know this Yard Control **** which I was never trained in and never knew anything about. Anyways on my CSA on the yard control part I wrote "DOES NOT APPLY TO ME!!" So earlier the next week some guy I have never seen before starts yelling at me a little about it and then I said if I have to know to wear my vest where is my vest then? Do i get a vest? I want my vest? Also where are my vehicle keys? haha This key blew up saying he was going to terminate me. I am sure I will get fired for asking questions. Sometimes it just nice to mess with people. I would still like a vest haha.
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    I load boxes in trailers for a few hours a day come on now. I now have to know things I will never use or never actually need to know. It's like making a baseball player to know how to tackle a person the right way when playing football. They say it's safety but I am already safe because I can't go in the yard anyways. I fill it out just because I work there a few hours and its not worth my effort to fight it.
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    Kid, I am going to give you some free advice. Come in, do your job and go home. Yard contol is the flavor of the month but should be taken seriously by all as there have been fatalities at UPS facilities due to attitudes such as yours. I am also a non-certified employee but I will take the time to familiarize myself with yard control procedures.

    You will figure out rather quickly that it is so much easier to simply stay under the radar. Come in, do your job and go home.
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    We were told at an am meeting a loader was behind a feeder on the ground for some reason. The feeder did not see the loader. He backed against the door. The trailer was unloaded at the next shift 5 hrs later. Thats when some one saw an arm hanging out. I don't know all the details. Thats what we wer told. They thought the loader had gone home without punching out.
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    Tie read all of his other threads, he s a troll that doesnt like old people, rules and hates working.
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    whats wrong with old people:peaceful:
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    Old people = wisdom, experience, been there done that. Young people= young, dumb, and full of @#$^. lol They will learn when something happens to them.
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    They can't drive, they put their blinkers on way too early and leave them on way too long and they take forever to go through the checkout at the grocery.
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    I think that when blinkers remain on after your lane change, the general public should be able to shoot you after 20 seconds of binking.
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    They smell like cat urine.
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    Now that was a bit off sides... lmao
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    they tivo QVC and HSN when they are at bingo
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    lol, hey we made something of this thread after all.
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    They think getting up in the morning means the Viagra kicked in.
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    They cant afford healthcare but they run quarters thru a slot machine like green poop thru a goose. The OP had a good point. Why do we have to memorize stuff that doesn't pertain to us. Do pre-loaders have to memorize the 10 point commentary?
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    Yard Control ? Does that have something to do with where you let your dog do his business ?
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    If it wasnt for old ppl half our QVC volume wouldnt be there :funny:
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    The problem is with the name of the keys. It should be called, "8 keys to hub safety" or something like that. Most think, since they're not certified It doesn't apply to them. Every employee needs to know the speed limit, seat belt, walkways and employee doors.