Hailstorm devastates UPS payroll/accounting center in Coppell, TX

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    On Tuesday, April 3, massive storms rolled through Texas. The Coppell payroll and accounting site saw grapefruit sized hail come down on us.

    The good news: Everyone is safe, the building withstood the weather, the paychecks went out on time, and the books were closed on time for March/1Q. We have a generator on site so we had power and could complete the work that had to be done.

    The bad news: Almost all of us will have our cars totaled. This video was shot a few hours after the storm. Texas Tornado Storm Damage from Coppell TX - YouTube

    The tragic news: One of our employees lost her car in our lot and her home to a tornado. I'm not here to solicit donations for her but if anyone is interested, PM me...we have set up a donation website for her.

    I have to give props to the management team at our site and all the UPSers who helped us out. We spent some time huddled in an interior hallway for safety while the storm was overhead. We heard later that one of the tornadoes formed right over us. Afterwards, everyone pitched in to help tape cars, arrange rides, etc. People came over from other sites to help with carpools. UPS arranged security for the parking lot after it was clear that most cars will have to be towed away and our controller called everyone that evening to make sure we got home safely.
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    WOW, and now the good news.I haven't heard of one death from the storms in Texas. Damage can be repaired, People cann't be replaced.
    It sucks. But you cann't fool with Mother Nature.Got to heed those warnings and watches.
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    Here in Mesquite 4 UPSERS homes were damaged. IMG_0010[1].JPG
    Picture of the the tornado before hitting Forney, Tx
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    Holy crap! I hope we never see weather like this again.
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    Ouch, rough weather. Not done either, two weeks from now (4/16 to 4/30) could feature at least one major tornado outbreak (much worse than what we have seen) for OK/TX/AR/KS/MO and east.
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    Holy crapoli.
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    Wow. Amazing that so few people were hurt and thankful that no one was killed.
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    Its amazing how much damage hail will do to cars. A few years ago, the local tornado sirens went off. So I gathered my family in my basement, and watched golf-ball sized hailstones put dents in my truck and my wife's brand new SUV. No windows got busted, but there were dents all over the sheet metal. My insurance company paid to have the dents fixed, there is a way to knock small dents out of cars without re-painting them. I'm sure a lot of cars got totaled out in this incident. I got a new roof for my house out of the deal too, along with a rate increase..........I'm glad nobody was hurt in this incident.
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    Received this about another upser. It happened the same day.
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    This is the woman from our office that I mentioned in the original post. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to post the direct link because it had her actual name on it. She's a long time UPSer and incredibly sweet. She received the call about her home as we were all coming back in from the parking lot after seeing the destruction to our cars. It was heartbreaking to witness.
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    How about all the planes that were grounded because of hail damage. I didn't her of any SouthWest planes getting damaged,But I've heard that American grounded many aircraft due to hail damage!
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    i love midwest weather
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    Spc ac 130602

    day 2 convective outlook resent 1
    nws storm prediction center norman ok
    0102 am cdt fri apr 13 2012

    valid 141200z - 151200z

    ...there is a high risk of svr tstms across parts of ok and ks...

    ...there is a mdt risk of svr tstms across parts of nw tx...cntrl
    and wrn ok...cntrl and ern ks...se neb...nw mo and far sw ia...

    ...there is a slgt risk of svr tstms across parts of the mid-mo
    valley...upper ms valley...srn plains and cntrl plains...

    Tornado outbreak likely across the srn and cntrl plains nwd into the
    mid-mo valley from saturday afternoon through saturday night

    ...srn and cntrl plains...
    An impressive upper-level low will move ewd across four corners
    region saturday as a powerful 90 to 110 kt mid-level jet ejects newd
    into the srn and cntrl plains. Ahead of the system...a corridor of
    moderate to strong instability is forecast across ecntrl ks...cntrl
    ok into nw tx. This combined with steep mid-level lapse rates and
    strong low-level shear will be very favorable for severe storms and
    a tornado outbreak will be likely across the srn and cntrl plains
    from late saturday afternoon lasting through the evening and into
    the overnight period.

    Nam and namkf forecast soundings at 00z saturday evening from salina
    ks swd to around oklahoma city show mlcape values from 2000 to 3000
    j/kg with 0-6 km shear in the 60 to 75 kt range. In
    addition...hodographs are large and looped with 0-1 km shear values
    in the 30 to 40 kt range. This environment should be very favorable
    for supercells and tornadoes. 0-3 km storm relative helicities are
    forecast to be around 400 m2/s2 which is ideal for strong tornadoes
    and a tornado outbreak appears likely. The greatest threat for
    significant tornadoes should exist saturday evening from salina swd
    to oklahoma city. 700 to 500 mb lapse rates around 7.5 c/km will
    also be favorable for large hail and hail greater than 2 inches will
    be possible the more intense supercells. A wind damage threat will
    also exist due to the expected intense nature of the storms.

    The main concern for this forecast is convective coverage. Many of
    the models do not develop numerous thunderstorms along the dryline.
    In spite of this...the models diminish the cap across the srn and
    cntrl plains late saturday afternoon so this brings the models into
    question. In addition...the models drive a band of large-scale
    ascent across cntrl ks during the early evening suggesting many
    storms should initiate with storms initiating swd with time early
    saturday evening as the low-level jet strengthens. These factors
    combined with sfc dewpoints in the lower to mid 60s f and very
    favorable low-level shear profiles should produce and environment
    favorable for a tornado outbreak. After collaboration with wfos
    wichita...norman...topeka...tulsa and dodge city...a high risk will
    be issued due to the potential for a high-end life threatening event
    across the srn and cntrl plains.

    ...mid-mo valley/upper ms valley...
    An impressive upper-level low will move across the four corners
    region saturday. At the sfc...a low should move across neb with a
    warm front extending ewd across ia. Thunderstorms should be ongoing
    along this boundary with storms expanding nwd into the upper ms
    valley. South of the boundary...the models develop moderate
    instability with a dryline located in ecntrl neb. Thunderstorms that
    initiate along the dryline and ewd across the warm sector will
    likely have an enhanced severe threat. Strong deep layer shear and
    enhanced low-level shear will be favorable for supercells and
    tornadoes. A few strong tornadoes may occur with the more dominant
    supercells especially as the low-level jet strengthens saturday
    Although a tornado outbreak will be possible across parts
    of the region...the greatest moisture return should remain further
    to the south suggesting the highest tornado threat should exist
    across sern neb...sw ia...nw mo and ern ks where a moderate risk is
    ..BROYLES.. 04/13/2012

    This is wording that you don't see every day from the SPC. Be careful!
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