hall and the "we aren't going to pay" quote from rallies and the missing 4 words.

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    When UPS "allegedly" stated they wanted us to pay for benefits, when hall/Hoffa "supposedly" just walked away from the negotiations table and arrived at the dog and pony show rallies, he was chanting "we aren't going to pay". There were 4 words that were missed by the microphone "unless you get sick".

    Brought to you by a union brother at today's contract meeting.
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    Actually hall said WE AREN'T GOING TO PAY $90,$ 9, OR 9 CENTS.
    looks like we are going to pay arround $2400 if u get sick.
  3. over9five

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    ​So he didn't lie!
  4. kingOFchester

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    Same point. Different rallies may have different tones. They did indeed chant something along the lines of "were not paying".

    This rally http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TWD3K-xO8Q they used "no pay"....
  5. Bagels

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    Hoffa & hall never guaranteed that the level of benefits would be the same, just that we would not pay for the benefits. And they delivered on that promise. When the deductible peaks, the additional costs will incur the average Teamster a few hundred dollars -- very minimal, considering the rate at which health care has risen/continues to rise, and still significantly better than the previous (to 2008) company-controlled benefits. Instead of whining and crying about minimal cost, focus your energy on additional wage hikes. As I've mentioned before, a 20c annual catch up raise for PTers would equate into an additional $3500 (based on a 20-hour work week) over the life of the contract -- several times the additional costs of health care.
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    You have a good point but I have a problem with hall intentionally misleading the members. When he said were not going to pay 90$, 9$, or 9 cents everyone expected 0. That shouldnt have meant that we would now be paying deductibles.
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