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    I was at the Philly "rally". I heard with my own ears that hall stated he would leave the negotiations table if healthcare was not taken off the table. I posted a link to the full Philly rally here on BC. I was contacted by someone who claimed to be from the office of hall and asked to take down the video. I asked moderators to remove the link. Shortly after the video was removed from Youtube.

    Shortly after hall stated he never stated he would stop negotiations if healthcaree was not taken off the table. I found a video from the MA rally where he states UPS had 3 options:

    1) Take the crazy proposal off the table (UPS has not done this)
    2) If UPS can't provide healthcare for members without us paying co-pays, let the union provide it. (UPS has not accepted this, and interesting enough is that the Union was already considering this path over 2 months ago)
    3) Or you can continue down this path and we will take our marbles and go home and see you in July. (Union still negotiating)

    Starts at the 9:50 mark.

    Qik - Local 25 Rally for a fair contract at UPS Chelmsford, Ma by Carl M - YouTube
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    Everyone grab your ankles.....
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    He is a liar to the people.
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    And grab the lube !!!!
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    That video really makes me sick..They are typical politicians !! Tell the people what they want to hear, then screw them when they are elected..
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    Teamsters are weak! Lets bring in a whole new union! THis is a joke@!
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    Quite frankly, this is one of the first major private-sector labor contracts to be negotiated in the "everyone has an iPhone and YouTube account" era. While that could not have been intended for mass consumption, I agreed with everything hall said. Now, it's simply a matter of holding him to his words.

    If we get a handshake agreement next week with a sub-par deal, contract ratification is definitely going to be more interesting than in previous years. That being said, I'm not willing to criticize hall or the negotiating committee until I see a tentative agreement.
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    Record profits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we arent walking away from the table? really? are u f****ckin kidding me right now?
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    That was the exact thing GM employees said too. That worked out great! Lmfao!
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    KOC, just curious:
    How did they contact you about the BC post? PM?

    Was it your own Youtube video? Did you take it down or did Youtube?
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    Contacted VIA PM User IBTCOMM

    It was not my video. It was videoed by a fellow driver. Then it was given to a local slate running for local office, specifically the candidate for Secretary Treasurer who posted it on Youtube. When I was contacted by IBTCOMM about removing the video, I asked a moderator to remove my post. Which was done. I was also asked by IBTCOMM to remove the video on Youtube. I explained that it was not my video. I contacted the driver who made the video and the IBTCOMM also contacted the youtube account holder. Shortly after, video was removed from Youtube.
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    GM was in financial strates. UPS is not in financial strates. There is a difference, but I do agree that we shouldn't be greedy. I just want par for the course.
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    Just like you know over that this site is monitored by corporate I know this site is monitored by the international.
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    Nothing wrong with either.
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    But with one big difference ... the Teamsters aggressively pursued the suppression of a factual video.

    This tells us a lot about how the Teamster's management works.
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    If someone had posted a video of UPS's negotiation team briefing a bunch of other managers on their strategy for dealing with the union you can bet your ass that corporate would have sicced their lawyers on this site in a nanosecond.
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    I don't think so.
    They would be :censored2: but would not pursued having it removed.

    What would be the legal basis for having the video removed?

    UPS did not pursue the removal of the driver helper tossing the package ...
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    Actually, Hoax has a point.

    The company wouldn't have to.... because they would never disclose anything to their management people to begin with.

    Sort of like the way they treat them on a daily basis. Can't let the peasant subordinates have any knowledge.