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    hall GET OUT OF BED WITH UPS!!!!!!! start listening to your members. Nothing was nogotiated. how about our pention, by the time we pay$500 ins. and taxes we cant afford to retire.how about hourly employees having to take a cut in pay to go on vacation. everybody else in the company gets paid 45 hours of pay and 50 hours for the last week. Our road drivers get there average pay!!!! We get 40 hours pay. How about our insurance, we have to pay for our insurance but ground doesn't???? WTF is up with that? As far as I'm concerned were all brown and all should be under the same contract!! hall you threw us under the bus last contract and we were told it's ok we got our foot in the door and just wait till next contract. Well it's time!!! Have some balls and stand up for your members!!! GET UP AND OUT OF BED WIT UPS AND DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!:biting:
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    So you're in the freight division then?
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    Re: Ken H

    What proof do you have that he is in bed with UPS? Pictorial evidence please. If someone was cheating on you, why assume you still have the kinship to order the person to cease and have them obey? You need to vote him off the island if he has betrayed you.
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    Ken H

    Ok I'm curious if anyone feels the same as me. I think there's a chance ups lets freight strike. Actually they want them to. I'm thinking freight hasn't done near as well as they hoped and they may be thinking hey lets just cut our loses.