Hamat Placards absent on Ground step vans

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Code 82 Approved, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Code 82 Approved

    Code 82 Approved Titanium Plus+ Level Member

    Anyone know why?
  2. vantexan

    vantexan Well-Known Member

    You don't transport hamats? Is that a derivative of haz mats?
  3. STFXG

    STFXG Well-Known Member

    We don't carry materials that require placards. And the hazmats we do carry aren't in large enough amounts to require them.
  4. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Just another reason that Express drivers need to be smarter than Ground drivers...HAZMAT. If someone tendered a 3-bar Radioactive or a Flammable Solid, Dangerous When Wet package by mistake to a Ground clown, bad things would happen.
  5. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    And that's why you get mocked, MFE, because you are such an egocentric bore. Also why Ground folks will never unite with you against Fred in any kind of solidarity.
  6. northbound

    northbound Member

    Yeah need to be smarter so you can watch a video and read a handout wow what a fhucking genius!!
  7. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    First, you cannot unite against Fred with us because none of you are even employees. Second, it takes some actual brains to safely check, transport, and handle HazMat. I'm simply pointing-out (accurately) that the intelligence and skill level over at Express is higher. If I gave one of your guys a III Bar, he'd probably accept it, sit on it during his lunch hour (oops, no breaks), and drop by his trailer home to take pictures of his kids sitting on it.
  8. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Little bit more involved than that, but you don't even know, which shows that you are out of the loop...as usual.
  9. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    you are pointing out, quite accurately that you are an egocentric ass in a dying operation without the desire or skill to adapt to the reality as it exists. Perhaps I overestimated your qualities as a leader.
  10. Code 82 Approved

    Code 82 Approved Titanium Plus+ Level Member

    Hamat..like sammich. I regret the typo.
  11. northbound

    northbound Member

    Your always good for a laugh

    Does it take a 4 year degree to deliver for express? Or is it just the special hazmat employees?
  12. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    You're always on here selling the "new reality", aren't you? Well, WTF, the new reality is having low-ball, low-paid employees enriching little Caesars like yourself. Gee, how convenient for you, eh? If it makes me an "egocentric ass" to fight back against the dumbing-down of this industry with a bunch of white trash Ground drivers, I wear the title proudly. Keep on pitching us used car salesman style just how great Ground is and how the future without it dominating the industry is an inescapable conclusion. I'll keep telling you your head is up your ass.
  13. HomeDelivery

    HomeDelivery Well-Known Member

    ORM-D only allowed in HD; the rest is diverted to Ground or Express...
  14. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    No rocket engineering degree required, but considering Dangerous Goods(not hazmat) trained employees are responsible to make sure that
    the company and its couriers are up to date on following protocol which is enforced by the FAA, simple errors can cost the company 10's of thousands of dollars.
    FedEx takes the DG position seriously enough to invest in yearly training for all DG agents. So it is a little more than reading a handout sir. is it difficult? maybe
    seeing how many couriers miss items daily, that is why we have DG agents at STA then more at the RAMPs

    As far as Placarding, they really are a waste on Express Vehicles I've only had to placard once or twice in the last 10 years, for YellowIII(radioactive) and "dangerous when wet" you don't have to placard unless you have over 1000lbs of any other class.. And if you have to Placard you have to have a CDL with endorsements, which for Ground drivers is not a requirement.(AFAIK)
  15. Code 82 Approved

    Code 82 Approved Titanium Plus+ Level Member

    Thank you. I wondered. In case those lackey ass express folks tried to give me a III to sit on. Jezubus MFE give us some credit.

    And I did ask my regular Express Partner about it, and she did in fact call it'DG's which to all of your credit expands my knowledge yet again.
  16. verratio

    verratio Mr. Hazmat

  17. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Actually, WTF?? is the proper term/punctuation used when speaking with/about Ground employees.
  18. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    A DG agent gets his certification by passing a one week class that may include spill cleanup and bloodborne pathogen training if his manager requires it. The yearly training for DG agents is an hour in front of a computer plus a fit test. The fit test serves to make sure that the respirator works properly and that the agent can properly clean it.

    Anyone who can read a checklist and use a computer has the aptitude to be a DG agent. It's not difficult.
  19. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    OK, so that means you aren't qualified to be a DG Specialist. Got it.
  20. StuffItFred

    StuffItFred Member

    Really? It is just that simple? Wow, no wonder Fedex doesn't pay you anymore for DG or Intl qualified. I had no idea it was just that damn easy. Were/are you DG certified?