Hammered with overtime?

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    Hey is everyone else getting hammered with overtime while drivers are getting layed off and no more RO's anymore? we have drivers getting 9.5 checks and mngnt will not add routes
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    Welcome to Browncafe. Good to get another driver from the Northwest.

    Good looking bike - is that a Roadking with a "few" mods?

    In regards to over 9.5:
    Yep ... very common topic.
    Everybody is getting worn out.
    It's going to be bad in summer.
    Corp IE has figured out it is cheaper than paying for benefits for layed off employees.
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    Hammer them back. When they want sales leads or United Way contributions, tell them no. Don't let these clowns bully you.
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    There are tools available to you.

    File a 9.5 grievance (weekly if need be) and ask for an 8 hour request as often as allowed and hold them to it.
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    A Fedex driver I know is having his start time pushed back to 10. Fedex- no layoffs-reduced hours. UPS- layoffs-massive hours of OT. Are we really saving a ton of money with this plan?
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    It is cheaper for the company to pay us overtime than it is to have more bodies on the payroll. For every driver on the payroll that is more benefits that are being paid, more vehices being used, more fuel being used and more maintenance to be done on said truck. Also, another truck to load which takes Preload longer to load therefor paying out preload more OT.

    FYI, I'm not a fan of it, but that is the reasoning. I too would like to be home with family instead of walking around neighborhoods at 6 pm and smelling a juicy T-bone on someones grill.
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    i keep seeing these threads; in my area it is the opposite absolutely no over 9.5 EVER. its amazing how differently ups is run across the country...
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    Here more than half of our drivers are working over 9.5, half of those way over 9.5. The grievances have been balled up, going back and forth from local to National Committee since last June. Many driver have given up on filing. We had a guy just retired with 30+ years and about 40+ hours of over 9.5 grievances pending. The union BA says IF anyone get paid for the G's, he'll be first to get a check. I have seven over 9.5 grievances pending myself.
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    I'm not to far behind you Trp. I will be filing #6 today(I think it's #6, I have so many I have lsot track). This past week I didn't have a 9.5 but it is because I had a 3 day ride along and 2 8 hr requests. LOL I'm sure all will be back to normal this week, at least what the current normal is.
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    Who's whining? Sounded like a conversation to me.
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    Same here. All you have to do is whisper "9.5" and the alarms go off, by 1630 you will have messages from 2-3 different drivers asking for a meet point. All center manager's are required to call the DM by 1900 and have an explanation for any 9.5's in their center.
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    Non PAS center here. Never been bothered about 9.5's. I opted out as I don't care about the overtime, rather, I welcome it.
    Large portion of our routes are rural.
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    Grievances are how working UPSers settle disagreements on contractual issues.
    My guess is you are one of those dyed in the wool, bruised kneed, follow a longs that would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth. Seen your kind many times.
    You have nothing to say expect...if you don't like it, quit. That sure takes alot of intelligence.
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    For a minute
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    The unemployment lines are filled with yes men who can't think for themselves and only do what they're told. "Thank you sir, may I have another?".....WHACK !!! "Thank you sir may I have another?".....WHACK !!!
  16. Here more than half of our drivers are working over 9.5, half of those way over 9.5. The grievances have been balled up, going back and forth from local to National Committee since last June. Many driver have given up on filing.
    Trp what local are you in? Down here in Local 988 9.5 grievances are getting paid no problem.We had the same thing happen last year with the grievances getting sent back from the National Committee, but now they are being settled locally.

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    getting more hours than ever
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    I think you guys getting lots of OT are going to miss it when its gone.
    Some drivers are down $300 a week and its a big lifestyle change.
    I wouldn't be surprised if it went to 9 hrs in the near future.
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    If you need more help look to the transfer list. I know at least one driver who is probably on your bldg. transfer list.
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