hands-free phones while driving

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Aug 16, 2008.

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    OK, I have to admit I am pretty amazed at the compliance here in California. In July the new law took effect where you can't use a hand held cell phone while driving.

    I used to be at a stop light and watch cars exiting the freeway and nearly everone was holding a phone. The other day, only one person out of 10-12 cars was holding a phone.

    I'll bet that many people are now relieved that they don't have to answer a ringing cell phone. They can always use 'driving' as an excuse not to answer. Maybe now, they'll pay more attention to those stop signs.
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    I've been using a bluetooth headset for a couple years now, it makes talking on the phone while working a whole different experience. It used to be a pain if I had to take or make a phone call during the day because I had stop whatever I was doing for the duration. Being put on hold or dealing with a phone maze was especially aggravating. Now it's like no big deal, it doesn't slow me down at all. I just keep on working.
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    I have OnStar. There is a built in speaker phone that is billed to my Verizon Wireless account. My car has its own phone number. My daughter just bought a new Focus that has the Sync system. It works well with her cell phone plus she doesn't have to pay for a separate line.
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