Handshake for 705 this morning

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Load Stand, Jul 31, 2008.

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    There is an announcement that there are handshakes for both 705 and 710 this morning...probably better than a strike, but who knows how much business, jobs and hours have been lost locally in Chicago over this...probably not worth what may have been gained in negotiating ugly...
  2. scratch

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    Great news for everybody. I still haven't seen any official press releases from anybody involved. We have had a few anonymous posts and now members posting the same thing. The pressure is now off you guys in Chicago, I am sure there is a big sigh of relief. Now it is damage control time, we need to get some customers back and get back to what we do best.
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    It is the lead story on upsers.com
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    So with the stockpile of charcoal, weenies and burgers........are you having a celebratory feast??
  5. name the place and time......i'll bring the beer........
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    See,I told you so.
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    Why aren't you guys striking tomorrow???? I thought we were going to be united, one force that UPS would have to reckon with for decades to come!!! You've really let me down.

    Where's that guy who said you would strike no matter what? Seems to me you've settled too fast. What happened to standing fast for a good contract? Doesn't seem like you've gained a lot....
  8. cachsux

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    As far as whats gained lets just say the word is that no one is disappointed with the new contract.
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    I was really hoping you guys would strike...I always have this dream of you striking and the company taking the hardline...someday. (Probably will never happen, but I can dream!)
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    Funny how talk of laying off 1200+ part timers, and 140 feeder drivers, can suddenly make a contract offer look pretty good. 705/710, big hat, no cattle.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Thank God--I've had just about enough of these strike posts/threads.
  13. where is 705red now? Counting the number of feeder drivers who will be laid off and the hub folks who will not be hired or replaced now that CDW has left UPS for FDX. Good deal waiting this long. Probably cost 705 4 feeder jobs...maybe 7. 10 trailers a day because it took so long to settle. Now CDW has had it with UPS. Red...tell all your friends to buy at TigerDirect as we still have them you dope! Hope Steve is happy. I cannot wait until you all throw him out and send him back to feeder where they are going to tar a feather him.
  14. over9five

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    Ditto that.
  15. 705red

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    First off no one ever wanted to strike, but we were prepared to strike to protect what we have. It was a long two month process with nothing getting done until the very early hours this morning. We accepted a handshake agreement before start time for our package car drivers so they could inform the customers that we reached an agreement. Load stand you can piss on out of here because you obviously had no idea what we were fighting for. Heres some of the agreements.

    All ftime jobs created from 1997 through this agreement are protected from elimination,
    Any feeder driver that gets laid off now can bump anywere in the 705 juristication (previously it was within district),
    Any employee that gets laid off will maintain their current rate of pay,
    any fulltimer can bid into any other ftime job up or down in pay,
    No subcontracting of any work if we have union employees willing to do and available hours (this is huge),
    We will regain the cross country feeder work,
    triple time for 9.5 with no opt in or out list,
    A letter of understanding in the contract detailing that air drivers cannot deliver or pick up grounds,
    no 2 tier pay scales for anyone (everyone in the classification will make the same), no ptime package drivers (which was offered by the company),
    expedited arbitration ( anyone that is disciplined and goes to panel will have an arbitrator sitting there and will make a decision if the two sides deadlock on the spot)
    an additional week of vacation for 30 years of service and an extra optional day for all employees,
    stronger swing driver language detailing seniority rights,
    We retain our seniority language compared to the companies proposal,

    We received the same economic proposal that the national received and improved on alot of our language protecting our jobs, work place rights, and contract enforcement. We also do not have act of god or emergency conditions language under article 3 section 7 for sups working, they are not allowed to work period.

    As i have said it was never about the money, and i would like to thank those of you that have supported us through out these talks. I am spent and plan on spending some time with my family over the next few days. Also im very impressed with the solidarity of all of my fellow brothers and sisters in 705 that supported all of us on the negotiating committee and i only hope that you understand that we addressed alot of issues without giving up anything! No jobs were traded away, no one was sold out as in the 2 tier pay scales and we as 705 upsers can stand proud. I hope that we on the committee represented you and all of your concerns. Red
  16. 705red

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    One more thing we in chicago put up a fight in the attempt to raise starting wages for ptimers but we fell short and for this i apoligize to all of you ptimers. This is something that MUST be addressed on the national level with support from everyone within ups. These ptimers are the ones that load our trucks, handle the packages, and then load the packages. They are as much of this company as we (drivers) are the face of the company. If you pay a decent wage you will get people that take this job serious. Damages will go down, loads will be better for the drivers etc..

    Lets all start thinking of uniting a stand for these ptimers, minimum wage will be more than $8.50 an hour in 2013. Something to think of.
  17. drewed

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    Red congrats on avoiding the strike
    Is the 705 taking the NMA increases?
    But this statement just proves my point, the 705 didnt care about the pters they played off like they did to get support from them.
  18. broncobros1

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    I'm sure that you really, really care....lining your own pockets!
  19. 705red

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    We cared and went back and forth over this issue this last week alot. The problem here is once the language was settled the only thing left was starting wages for ptimers. Now you are aware that if you strike over economics you can be replaced and have a good chance of a long hard fought out strike of loss of job. How much support would we have from others in the national if we struck for starting wages?

    You wont have much support from others around the country when they are being laid off because you are fighting for ptime wages. im not saying its right it is whats it is.

    This issue need to be adrressed on the national level with support from all.

    You can see my arguments were about language and starting wages for ptimers. Im not saying that we beat the company into submission. I have already apoligized to the ptimers for not being able to do better.
  20. loserupser

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    I think the last contract was good for the ptimers they got the catch up raises, we were once pt, but we need to see more participation(union involvement) on their part. They are not as involved as the full-timers(I am saying the majority of the pt)