happy anniversary browncafe

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by DS, Sep 9, 2009.

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    OMG BC has changed just a little over the years. WOW.:surprised:
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    That might be one of my favorite threads. Lot of great personalities in that thread that have quietly dissapeared from the scene. hope they come back and see us via Cheryls emails. All except * * * * * * :happy-very:

    The sad thing about Cheryls hard work is I think its removed her some from the community. There was a time in the early years when she was one of the posters and posted frequently. I'm afraid the monster she has created has kept her too busy. But then there is another world in the moderators lounge that I have not seen. One can only wonder what type of decadence takes place there....:)
  4. tieguy

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    Perhaps this thread can evolve into reflections on how we ended up here or what we enjoy about it.

    My memory is a little fuzzy but I think I actually followed a company link here. At UPS I have seen a battle of philosophies. This company has been run and managed by some hard nose operators. There has also been a faction probably predominating in the HR function that pushed a kinder and gentler philosophy. They were the ones I believe that came up with many of the team building exercises we saw before the 97 mess. After the initial period of healing I believe I recieved an email from corporate passed through channels that encouraged management to explore the internet and expose theirselves to the opinions and feelings of the brown community. Within that email were several ups related message boards the brown cafe possibly being one of them.

    I faintly remember ewave though I didn't really get a chance to but heads with him too much before he seemed to dissapear from the scenes. Some specualted that he was a fired driver I never got all the details.

    I remember popping in and out of here. I thought it might have been as early as 99. Seem to remember something about a software crash at one point. Maybe I heard it or dreamt it:happy-very:I've seen the evolution of software and features here and I am constantly amazed. I've built and run a few websites before and I can only stand back in amazement and appreciation at what Cheryl has built here. Don't fool yourself into believing this can all be quickly automated. A website with this many features takes a lot of work.

    I've seen the many posters here over the years. Many came in strong and stayed some came and slowly faded out.

    This site has evolved beyond that of simply being another web site to be a community. In a way it represents your operation where you work. You see people come and go. Some you knew from day one some stayed a short while and left for one reason or another. You then have the new posters and like your building or operation I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with the new faces. Perhaps this should be the brown cafe hub. Scott Davis should give you an award. Your efforts here have done more for employee relations then the company could ever hope to accomplish.

    Cheryl awesome job. A Sincere thank you for all your hard work.
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    Well said Tieguy...but geez :bloodshot: Thats the longest post you written in a while...Wkmac like Epic proportions...:wink2:
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    Kudos to Cheryl. I think some of you West Coasters should offer to celebrate the anniversary by treating Cheryl & her hubby to a nice meal!
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    Gawd, I'm so addicted.... But I have lots of company!

    If someone asks my hobbies, I would have to include "participating on Brown Cafe". I truly love readin' and writin' on this website.

    Strange how you make friends that you never see. I miss people who no longer show up. DS mentioned Diadlover, I think of Traveler, Therodog, OK2bclever, Proups, Aspenleaf.

    Definitely some characters too! Scratch_King and Double_Standard...Glad they're gone!!!!!
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    Speaking of some notable members, has anyone heard from living the dream?

    Also I have a question that maybe someone can answer, how does one subscribe to a thread? I lose track of where I have posted ,especially now that I go to other forums.
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    No arguments there.

    I remember coming on the precursor to BC (think it was Motley Fool) to this strike back in '97 and a couple of time in between. Lost my membership back when teh site was switched over.
    Really got hooked when I came on the site to ask questions about on-call pickups.
    I feel like I know many of the people on here and think of many as friends.
    Nice social community.

  10. DS

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    I'm not 100% sure what you are asking,but if you want to see responses to your posts,simply find something you've posted,and when you click on your username,a dropdown menu appears.Simply click on "find more posts by pickup" and you can easily navigate to all your former posts.Thats how I found this old thread because I remembered diadlover posted it a long time ago.I hope that helps.
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    I'm glad those two are gone too! They must have got banned or something for their garbage........:biting:
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    You can go to the top of the page and drop down the thread tools menu. Choose subscribe to this thread. You will also have an option to receive an email as well otherwise it will show up in your User CP.
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    Thank you DS for that advice. That is one pretty good way to see. I only asked about the subscribing to threads because I remember Stug saying he was doing it in some capacity. I see Tony Express has answered my question and I think that method was the one I was asking about.
  14. pickup

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    Thanks, Tony, I never would have figured that out on my own in a million years.
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    OK, my calendar is marked as the 10th Anniversary for B.C. is today!

    Happy Anniversary !!
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    it's my wedding anniversary today too. And my grandmaa's birthday! Happy anniversary BC
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    Chery, Congratulations on a job very well done with Brown Cafe. I am glad I found the site and happy to be a part of this unique web world we have here. Happy Anniversay!
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    fire 'em! no UPS socks.
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    Thanks to everyone for all their support throughout the years!! If it were not for YOU the BrownCafe would not be what it is today!

    The BrownCafe has enjoyed 10 years with many memories, thousands of posts and your contributions to help make it the successful website it is today.

    May the spirit of BrownCafe continue for many, many more years!

  20. over9five

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    Ditto that!