Happy International Beer Day !

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    International Beer Day (IBD) is an August 5 holiday invented in 2007 in Santa Cruz, CA.
    As opposed to Oktoberfest, which is in the cold months and largely European, International Beer Day is meant to be celebrated across the world while it's still warm enough for cold beer.

    International Beer Day is celebrated by drinking beer, drinking beer with friends, and buying beer for others. While there are various other traditions, these seem to be the key attributes. The suggested way to greet someone on International Beer Day is to hand them a beer and say "I bring you the gift of beer". As a general rule, you can't refuse the beer.

    Cheers to beer drinkers in USA, Canada and around the world. Are you going to celebrate?

    From Molson : We're proud to brew Canada's favourite lager as a contribution to today's International Beer Day!
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    not to be confused with International Beer year which klein has been celebrating for three decades now.
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    Pickup, I thought you were going to stop bashing Klein?

    I'll make you a deal.

    I will stop picking on Miss Posts A Lot if you stop picking on Sir Drinks A Lot.

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    LOL, you bashed both of em in one sentence.
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    No deal because what you are offering to me is something that u already promised to over95.

    Beside, I don't think I bashed Klein. I think what I said is true. I don't think he can deny the veracity of what I said.

    But u are right I should move past this. I am only encouraging the lad .

    But this was more than a curve ball, this was a ball sitting on a tee. I could have hit it to all parts of the field or over the wall.

    I went for the blooper over the shortstop.

    Be careful Hitler fought a two front war and lost . Be wary that Mr. Unable to move on and Ms. Posts a lot don't combine forces.
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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to pickup again. Shucks!
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    Aw shucks, indeed!
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    Actually I`m disappointed in that Klein is becoming so predictable. When I saw the story in the paper I knew,just knew, he would be the one to post this here. Either he`s losing his super powers or I`m getting desensitized.
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    he is getting predictable , indeed. When tony posted all the different pricing options in the browncafe cruise 2 thread today , I knew Klein was going to post something that was cheaper in price and that of course ran through Canada.
    And Klein did exactly that.
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  11. klein

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    2011 International Beer Day ! Cheers, Prost, & Toast !


    Molson Canadian
    Happy International Beer Day! Here's to good times and delicious beer! Cheers!
  12. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    May we all be thankful for both Friday and International Beer Day. Click 'Like' to share your appreciation for the distinct taste of Alexander Keith's beer. Cheers!

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    That's MRS. Posts a Lot to you !!!!

    Posts per day......Upstate 11.15
    Moreluck 8.10
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    Enjoying my Diet Coke on National Beer Day. I think the last time I tasted beer was 1967..........hated it then and never tried any since.
  15. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Atleast try coke zero, I actually like that better then diet coke.
    I'm enjoying a red keystone beer as I type - Prosit !

    Only July 1st, 1967 was Canada's 100th birthday, did you drink beer for that special occasion ? :)
  16. moreluck

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    Caffeine free Diet Coke......no caffeine, no sugar
  17. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Well, I bought this nice Wheat Ale Beer just now, and as a bonus got a really nice cap with it, too !
    Now, that`s a party for International Beer Day ! :)

    Wheat and Drink
    Back in ‘94, as Ed McNally was driving through the great Alberta prairie, he had an inspiration. Alberta grows the world’s best wheat. In Belgium and Germany, there’s a long tradition of wheat ale, so Ed asked Bernd Pieper, Big Rock's first Brewmaster to create an Alberta version of the classic.
    On that drive in the prairie, a grasshopper had met its demise on Ed’s windshield. Ed was moved. He named the beer in honour of that little critter.
  18. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Gee today is International Beer Day again, and it falls on International Friendship day, too ! Sounds fitting to me ! :)

    Happy Friendship Day! Today’s the day to tell your friends why you think they’re so great!

    Happy International Beer Day! You know what to do…

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    Every day is beer day. I'll be simmering some bratwurst in beer and onions today before browning them on the grill. I might even enjoy a few frosty beverages myself.
  20. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    That's the original Johnson Bratwurst recipe - boil or simmer in beer first, then BBQ ! :)