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    Okay so I was retained through peak, and I just found out that I made book (seniority). I called in and didn't show up on the Friday that just past, and I go in on Monday and found out 15 people got laid off. (Not Me)

    I'm glad I did not get laid off, but I have the lowest seniority in my hub for the Preload Shift.

    My question is if they try to send me home, should I request my 3.5 hours?

    The reason I'm asking this is because I don't want them to lay me off if they have to keep finding work for me, if I kept requesting my 3.5 hours.

    Also my center manager is really nice and helps me out and everything, so he told me to call in before showing up to the Hub in case it's low volume. He said he wants to save me gas and time. (Is this bull)

    Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
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    If there is no work you will be laid off. You could have 20 years in and be laid off as long as they go by seniority. Keep job hunting and work when they need you. With the huge turn over in PT it does not take long to move up the seniority list.
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  3. 3 done 3 to go

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    Show a picture. Then we- can tell you if your center manager is bully
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    That is the best ur going to get right now. ...haha lmfo

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    Better to show up each day just in case they end up short handed you are on site ready to go.
    Shows initiative that you DO want to work.
    Another part of the operation might be short handed and could use another body as well, so ask if any other areas might have use for another person.
  6. FiXiE.GuRL

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    Okay thanks :-)
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    Do you want a picture of me now?
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