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    Befor you guys cry about ourcontract benifits holiday pay vacation option days. over time and all the other things we have lunch. and break for part timers , please take an hour and a half and watch harlin county usa than , BEFOR you say one thing about our next contract. see what sacrifise is . thanks for reading this.
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    just kill the owners and there families,, problem solved
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    Typical Republican behavior.
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    Reminds me of John Prine's "Paradise"

    "Mr Peabody's coal train has hauled it away."
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    i deliver in that area and knew a lot of families including the jones guys family that was killed.they are hard working people who took pride in their community and jobs.times have changed in the cloverfork{evarts}area.what mining is left has gone non-union and there is a constant threat of shutdown and jobs moving.as we speak many jobs have been moved across black mountain{ky/virginia state line}due to regulations.i have to feel the umwa has sold out to the miners years ago.at one time the tri city areas of harlan county{cumberland,benham and lynch}had over 10,ooo residents.the combined population now is 3500,and more than half unemployed.there are no union mines in harlan county anymore,only retirees. i pass two umwa union halls with doors boarded and weeds in the parking lot,a constant reminder not to take your job for granted.
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    Has anyone ever watched the show Justified??
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    the lady portrayed as mags bennett was modeled after mags bailey,a locally famous bootlegger who recently passed away.the bennett family on the show are portrayed as outlaws and drug dealers yet the bennetts of harlan county are prominent buisiness owners and mine operators.needless to say most of them frown on the show.myself i like it,and pick up on a lot of inside talk{someone must have local info},i wish they would film some of the show here though,the mountains and coal camps are much more real and beautiful,not to mention the historical areas.