Harmless little pranks I've pulled/considered pulling on a certain UPS guy...

Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by Shushi, Aug 29, 2011.

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    I've left a soda can with a loaded bang mechanism glued to the underside of it on the front counter at work & told him to pick it up. I've done the same thing with a toy bomb (looks very similar to the one in the picture).
    I've squirted him with a toy that looks like the "Dutch Boy" (paint) & when you pull it's pants down it "pees" on you, then I forgot to put it away & that particular UPS guy squirted me with it on more than one occasion.
    I've thought about loading the store entrance itself with a few loaded bang mechanism or stringing up fake spiders tied to invisible thread from head-height down to about knee level so he can't just duck beneath them. I've also considered sprinkling the counter that he puts the packages on with our best fake cockroaches or maybe performing a simple magic trick (he doesn't know that I've learned one or two & if/when he asks, I deny it) & then performing either a "steal" or planting something in his pocket so he either walks out with an item he did not walk in with or walks out with one LESS item than he walked in with.
    Point is, there are plenty of naughty things I could do but, I think, maybe just one time, I'd like to do something a little less malicious & a little more sweet to him.
    I'm not sure how to go about this, & I'd appreciate any help offered.
    All suggestions are welcome!
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    One of my customers thought it would be funny to bang on the little oval shaped glass window in their overhead door when I looked thru it to see if someone was around to come unlock it. It shattered into a thousand tiny little pieces many of which ended up in my eyes. Luckily I have no permanent damage, but I did spend and evening in the ER and an afternoon with an eye surgeon.

    It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt!!
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    :whiteflag: Ok, people before you call UPSDPS on me, I'm NOT, nor have I ever tried to hurt the man. These "gimmicks", if you will, that I have on hand are toys that are approved for children 3 years of age on up so unless one or both of us completely misuses them (which, I like to think we're both smart enough to not do) we each have a better chance of hurting ourselves AFTER he's gone back in his truck & I've returned to my cave (warehouse).
    Furthermore, you missed the point. I want to do something nice to/for him for a change, remember? I can go right back to tricks & jokes any old time but I want to surprise him with something different.
    By the way, guys, I'm aware that accidents can happen & if it's any consolation, caution & safety are things I take into account whenever I do these things to him or to customers. I promise you.
    Now please, are there any suggestions?
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    It sounds like you have too much time on your hands.
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    :dissapointed: Eh, maybe you're right. Thanks for your help. Much obliged.
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    You could always just come right out and tell the guy how you feel. Who knows, it may be mutual--then again, it may not be and we would then be in the "awkward encounters" thread.

    (Most of us don't have time to play games)
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    Flash him. Always goes over good, no-one gets hurt.
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    OK, I've rethought that.

    How good you lookin????
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    Perhaps you should email me your picture, and I will let you know if it will work.
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    Then it`s f`in hilarious.

    An old feeder initiation trick was to reverse the red and blue lines on the rookies and then watch them try and figure out why their trailer wouldn`t roll. Cherry on top if they actually called the shop to fix.
  13. over9five

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    Two cherries if the mechanic took more than 5 seconds to figure it out!
  14. cachsux

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    Triple points if you could do it to a sup doing driver training.
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    Originally Posted by over9five
    Flash him. Always goes over good, no-one gets hurt.

    I'm not brave enough to do that, especially not at work, but thank you over9five. I haven't been here long but everytime I get a response from you it always makes me smile. Actually, I'm pretty cute if I do say so myself... so cute, in fact, that I caught my neighbor peering through the blinds at me right before I got into the shower this morning. & there's my akward moment. Maybe I will send a couple pictures your way, but not today I'm afraid. I just feel like garbage after that little incident. Have fun, people, I'll be back later or whenever.
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    Damn, shouldn't have used that fake email address.....
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    Bake some brownies..
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    First of all, forget the pranks!

    Ask him "Do you have a package for me?"

    When he says "No", ask him this.

    "Are you sure? Maybe you could look again? I really want a package?"

    Then smile one of those smiles.

    Can you do bedroom eyes?

    After this brief exchange, unless he's a complete :censored2: , a light bulb will turn on in his mind.
    If you watch closely you will see it when it happens. Then it's up to him continue with the game or not.

    Men are pretty simple: give them a cold beer and show them some naked (the noun form) and you have a happy camper. Good Hunting!

    We will want complete details at a later time.
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    I know I should just let him be, but I've always been the kind of person that gets an idea in their head & is determined to see it through to the end of the road regardless if that end turns out to be exactly what I wanted or just a lot of embarrassment...
    That being true, I'm devising a way to go about using your suggestion right now, faded jeans :)

    Actually, here's a little something I did last week:
    My boss & I have been putting together another book over the past couple weeks to sell in his stores... the book is made up of mostly sexy bets, pranks (harmless ones), & even a magic trick or two. The UPS man I speak of came by to drop something off & I mentioned this book project to him. He said he wanted to see one of the magic tricks but I wasn't prepared! He told me that he turns around after his next few stops so when he heads back this way, he'll come back in & that should give me time to get ready without him watching...
    He left, I began to ready what little necessary items I needed when my boss called & said he was less than 10 minutes away & I want you to make the following changes to the book & so on & so forth. Naturally, by the time I get to hang up the phone, I see the UPS man walking up to the door & I didn't get to finish getting what I needed & was therefore unable to show him the trick. I felt so bad he'd come back in for nothing, I showed him one of the little bets instead which went ok, but it wasn't what he'd come back to see.
    I told him that if this bet wasn't just for show at this moment, I might bet him a drink. I win, you buy me one. You win, I buy you one. However, this will be just for fun so nobody owes anybody anything regardless of who wins. He smiled & said 'Ok' & I made the bet.
    It was a prediction bet. One of those "You think of a ______ & I bet you I can tell you which particular ______ you're thinking of!" but with a trick to it.
    Now, you can have them think of a color, a fruit, a car (even year, make & model), ANYTHING... but I had him think of a sexual position.

    I won the bet.