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    I honestly would really like my job if it wasn't for all the management harassment . I am on the 9.5 list which seems to really anger my management .They continually over dispatch me then frantically try to fix it at 6pm. Then the center manager,angry because of me on 9.5 follows me and tells me I wasn't bending at knee's. Mishandling "his" coustomers packages and diddnt honk enough and will be receiving a letter on Monday. He also stated that he was "tired of this 9.5 crap".Lets hear yours
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    Management will say anything to instill fear and to elicit a reaction. Take nothing they say personal. Desensitize yourself of emotion when they speak to you. And tell him you are also sick of this 9.5 crap, it's much easier to dispatch you appropriately to begin with.
    My building has harassment grievances on the docket with managers and sups "over supervising" 9.5 people.
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    file file file.
    File for supervisors working(usually a VERY easy grievance),file every week when you are over dispatched,file when you feel you are being singled out for harassment.
    ​Management will find an easier target very quickly when you bury them in paperwork
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    Well, you better get used to it, because that's just what you're up against.

    Like Stinky says, NEVER take any of it personal. Part of their game is hoping you will get mad and lose your cool. Know that ahead of time, and make a vow never to let it happen to you.

    For me, that was easier said than done, but you'll learn it. I always had the urge to drive a fist into their face, but I learned to think for a second or two before I spoke, then respond calmly. And they will always be angry if you tell them no, or stand up for yourself.

    What you must learn to do, is follow their methods TO THE TEE. In the end, that's all that matters working for these dancing clowns. If they push, push, push you, and you get in a wreck, guess what? The very first thing they will do is start asking you questions about your methods...and if you weren't doing them TO THE TEE, that's how they will fire you. Always follow the methods. That is what will always save you.

    A lot of guys here that I respect tremendously, say don't worry about the crap they make us memorize...5 seeing habits, 10 point commentary, all of that. For years, I never knew any of that. Well, where I'm at, the union isn't real strong. And if you get in an accident here, one of the big things that determines how long you're off, and IF you get your job back, is how well you know all of that. So years ago, when I was driving out to my route, I repeated that stuff to myself until I knew it by heart. And now I use it as a moneymaker. Or I used to, anyway, They caught on to me after a while, because they would ask me to come into the office to answer all of those questions. Well, if you know them, let me tell you, you can stretch out those answers for nearly an hour. They don't ask me anymore--unless there is a Ketter audit.

    Anyway, I ramble.

    Oh yeah, next time your stupervisor tells you that he is "tired of this 9.5 crap", calmly tell him, "yeah, that's funny, so am I."
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    That is gold!
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    Ask him if he can do you a favor and when your 9.5 check comes in ask if he can pay you in 10's and 20's.
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    ​^This x10
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    I always have said to my sups "I do my best for UPS"
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    Most of my harassment stories are based upon me harassing them. You need to find creative ways to bust their balls. Today I was using movie lines from The Dark Knight Rises.
    The lines were:

    Manager: I'm the boss here and you guys are the workers!
    Me (In the voice of Bane): And this gives you power over me?

    Him: What are you still doing here?
    Me (In the voice of Bane): I'm UPS's reckoning.

    The funniest part of this was he had no idea what was happening and had zero response. For me, it was just funny. It was Friday and now I'm on vacation....again!
    Thank you to the Teamsters for my 6th week!!
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    good advice, only thing I would add is when they " talk to you about performance" just look at them in the eye and calmly state "if you would provide me the proper tools to do my job I would be able to perform it "
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    Im with stink... I think its more fun to mess with them.... With me there are two ways to deal with management. We can get along, or I will go nuclear. Thats the only two ways I play, as soon as they decide its my turn I remind them as to why thats not going to end well for them. It typically stops there, on occasion a new on road thinks they can play the game better than I can. Lets leave it at Im still here... They are not.
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    i have never been harrassed but i do have more than a few stories i have seen or heard. i know of one guy used to work at
    my hub was always getting harrassed by a sup, the sup would follow him into trailers and be like 2 feet behind him telling him
    how to work and not work. one day the unloader decided he had enough so he ricochets a package of the trailer wall it hits the sup
    in the face, next thing you the sup cries rape and we end up with 5 part time sups and the hub manager in the trailer. they asked the unloader
    what happened he told them the box came off the wall hit the sup, the sup ended up being told not to bug the unloader anymore but was moved
    to another shift just in case. the unloader was a management favorite he would miss at least once a week and come in late everyday.
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    Exactly!.....And don't play the game they play when you call in.....Me: I'm calling to let you know I won't be there today
    MNGMNT: Why?
    Me: Personal reasons
    Mngmnt: what's that
    Me: You understand I won't be in today?
    Mngmnt: Do you have option days?
    Me: CLICK .....DIAL TONE

    I'ts always amazed me how we are pieces of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: every AM in the PCM....But when you call in you are the most valuable employee in the GLOBAL company, The company will shut down, what will we do? LMAO!
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    I used to get harassment rides where the sup would follow you VERY closely (within six inches of you, to try to hurry you). The sup did this until I turned around really fast(swinging the diad) and hit him square in the BALLS. I calmly stepped over him and continued on. If he wouldn't have made it to the pkg car when I got there I would have left him. He gave me LOT'S of space after that.
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    I have personally hung up on more than a few sups while calling out.

    I love when drivers come in looking like crap and when I comment thy says "well I TRIED to call out." How do you try to call out!?
  16. OPTION3

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    They tried to call out means, I won't be able to cut "back door"(funny term hunh?) deals because they will be mad at me. I call them closet suck azzes. They wanna suck :censored2:, only they wanna do it where no-one else can see or hear...The worst kind of :censored2:!
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    I was delivering to a house, a 1/8th of a mile off the main road, that has a very nice dog, and a very mean one. Blew my horn numerous times while approaching, turning around and after I stopped. No one would come out, though the garage door was wide open. Mean dog let me on the porch, but cornered me there. After yelling and kicking at the dog, I managed to get back to my truck.
    Next day, sup calls to inform me customer filed a complaint because he observed all this.
    Instead of management questioning why they wouldn't come out and control their dog, they put a note in the board "be professional, don't kick the dog."
    This stop gets shifted around to different drivers, so I haven't been there since. When I do, I'll blow horn once on approach. If no one comes out, back away and W/C packages. Thinking of filing a grievance over the note in the board, too.
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    NI1 loose dog in remarks and service cross, on to next stop.
  19. Indecisi0n

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    Normally I would NI1 and return but I like the W/C better. Make them come pick it up every time. In remarks I would put "dangerous dog."
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    I have one house now that leaves the dog run amok. When the dog is out, the packages get left at the end of the driveway and I write on the box real big DOG. The owner still won't come out no matter how much I abuse the horn. I informed my on car of my method and he agreed.