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    If someone gets fired for making the statement "harrassment is the major reason kids bring guns to schools". Is that a just cause? I did my research and "assault" is saying or doing something with the intent to commit harm. Example-"pointing a gun at someone". My manager a few years ago even ask me if "I wanted to die" for asking him about filing a grievance about harrassment.. so is that also in fact considered "assault"? I'm thinking of bringing a lawyer in on this.
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    lawyer will just tell you to go to your local first.
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    Do you live in a RTW state???
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    I would consider that to be a veiled threat but certainly nothing worth getting fired over.
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    Were you sitting around the lunch room discussing the news when it was said or were you sitting in a mgr's office filing a harassment grievance?

    The place and time will yield differing results.
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    Have you made you 30 days ? IF not your SOL. I would bet there is a lot more to this story then we are hearing anyways there always is. But your rose colored glass are blocking those parts out.

    A lawyer isn't going to helper unless you exhausted all your union grievance options first. Even then depending on your case they might tell you chalk it up to lessoned learn and move on.
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    Veiled threats don't fly here.
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    Did the management allow the employee to "mingle" with the rest of the employees or be on the property after the alleged statement was disclosed to the first management employee?

    If so, their case is mute.
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    "Veiled" threats have to be substantiated by other parallel statements that add clarity to an alleged intent.

    Looks like they're trying to "leave a mark" on you for some other reason. Get witness statements, if possible, to help your case.