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Harrisburg and the surrounding area's seem to be running the ad for seasonal feeder drivers all the time. Does anyone know if this center hire's any of the seasonal drivers? I've been told they hire many of them. What's the pay rate for seasonal drivers? I've heard all around central PA like lancaster, elizabethtown and harrisburg it's easy to get full time on with feeder driving.

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Well if you go to the UPS jobs site and search driving jobs in PA, it shows they are hiring for full-time feeder drivers, and does not say temporary or seasonal help in the description. So that would lead one to believe they are hiring for permanent openings, but not sure if they use a on call board.


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Feeder runs are being cut all across the country. Getting in as a seasonal is definately a way in because UPS is lucky to get 1 in 5 inside guys to pass the school and they are happy to get someone with experience who wants the job. The starting rate is around $14.75 give or take a dime. I haven't been to Harrisburg in at least a year but Richmond, VA just added 2 runs TO Harrisburg which means someone (Harrisburg) lost 2 runs. And I believe the Richmond Hub has about 6 guys on the super-Q, around 30 I hear at Burtonsville and the list goes on.


I was hired as a seasonal Feeder driver and have not worked to date from Dec 26. They have asked me to go back in to verify all my drivers License info and sign the papers sooooo..........I just wait.