Has anyone ever left a sales job at UPS??

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    Hi All - I am considering leaving my current sales position at UPS for a new opportunity. I am wondering if anyone has made this decision and whether or not you had to forfeit your quarterly commission check? I would finish out the current quarter, as we are paid this commission on a quarterly basis. Any feedback would be appreciated!!
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    Why would you leave a good paying job where you hardly have to do any work?!?!
    And why don`t I get a commission check for my positive sales leads? I brought the volume in. I can negotiate the prices based on their new volume!!
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    Finally a thread Upssalesguy can post on.

    Maybe now he can stay out of the conversation on accidents, overdispatching and all the other "work" related threads.
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    Can you do the same with moreluck?
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    i'd like to thank re-raise for the recognition, but their isn't any way I'm not going to continue to point out sheer stupidity


    no just kidding.

    you should get your quarterly compensation check - you've already earned it. (Those will be deposited on August 4th) Don't try to collect MIP. Also, make sure you know what you are doing, I've had a few counterparts leave and like clockwork, they are trying to get their job back after that position their customer offered them turnes out to be crap.

    no seriously, good luck in whatever you do. Please PM me if your new company ships FedEx. I'll even try to make sure the driver gets credit.
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    I did payroll a long time ago. (prior to SIP). However, I wouldn't make any assumptions you will receive your SIP check unless you are still on the payroll. I'd actually bet against it. Unless there have been others who have been in your exact position and they all got the SIP check.