Has anyone heard of this policy???

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Kevin211, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Kevin211

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    Was told that i can not punch in twice in one day even tho i had my 10 hrs off. Reported to work (AS i was told to by my boss) then was told to go home by another boss (my boss called in sick) so i went home with out pay because, it a policy to not allow an employee to punch twice in one day..

    Just curious to see if they do have a policy on this...I'm finding out that they have alot of policies but never can find them in writting...
  2. JonFrum

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    There's no such policy.

    Maybe the time clock can't recognize the second punch until the earlier data is downloaded and the clock closed out for the day. Someone in the office may have to enter your second punch into the system manually.

    Does your Supplement guarantee you a day's pay if you report as instructed? If so, ka-ching!
  3. cachsux

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    You`ll find this policy doesn`t exist the minute the crap hits the fan and they need every live body on deck. Pursue the days pay for showing up.
  4. 959Nanook

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    In our jurisdiction, the Local Rider for Part-Timers explicitly has language that allows "tours of duty" in addition to shifts. According to the Company, that means they can clock you off and then clock you right back in on a different tour of duty so long as the new tour of duty is a different job as the first tour of duty. This has been an issue for our Part-Time Utility Drivers on the days they drive. To avoid overtime pay at Utility Driver Wages, they force them off the clock (manually after the fact if not actually done by the part-timer), then clock them in on a new "tour of duty" at the applicable part-time wage for whatever their part-time job is.
  5. Kevin211

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    I did report to work so.....accourding to our supplemnt i should get paid.. I told my sup. to show me the policy to me last night.. never got produced
  6. thelus

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    its UPS policy to make up "policy" when it suits them:happy-very:
  7. chris24

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    Why are you going through your Sup? Get your steward and file grievance for report to work pay if you are not getting anywhere with management.
  8. Kevin211

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    my steward was the one that called me at home and told me what was going on... So i did file for report to work pay. Now its wait and see if we lose at the hearing...
  9. Monkey Butt

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    and your point?

    SWORDFISH New Member

    Sounds like the situation is taken care of. You will get paid. Good job standing up for yourself. Know your contract and stay in contact w/ steward or union rep on anything you have questions on. You cannot rely on management in alot of cases to get you the right info.
  11. deleted9

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    You should not make promises, decisions or statements about outcomes before they happen, to say someone will get paid is misleading, wrong and you really don't have that right to make that assumption.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    Your right I take it back. If the contract is upheld then he SHOULD get paid. Thank you for the correction. I shouldnt assume anything.
  13. Kevin211

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    just a fyi, there is a clouse that states, in the contract that a employee may not punch in twice in a 24 hr peroid .
  14. happybob

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    Really? The only language I find on hours an employee can work is in Article 3, section 7(c) No employee is allowed to work more than two(2) shifts in any 24 hour period. Can you tell us what Article you are refering to, please.
  15. Kevin211

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    This is the article that i found also.. so yes i believe it does apply to my case