Has anyone run the Corporate Challenge for UPS?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by lmeiler9831, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. lmeiler9831

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    So this past June I had this great idea that UPS should particiapte in our local Corporate Challenge. I love to run in races and compete so I thought that I would get the idea out. Well it turns out that UPS wouldn't cover our race fees, we had no tent, food, nothing. UPS told us that they cannot sponsor employees. I know that UPS used to participate and they used cover all the fees and costs of this event. Has anyone out there run this race for UPS? Did they pay for anything- or did I just get the run around?

    To make a long story short, we really did have a fun time- Drank a case of beer after and whined about how cheap UPS is.

  2. klein

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    Can't answer that one. Our corperate challenge was to stay out of the sups office for week ! Or make that a day !
  3. cachsux

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  4. over9five

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    Hmm, they spend MILLIONS sponsoring that racecar, don't they? Amazing how cheap they are not to sponsor your local Corporate Challenge!
  5. raceanoncr

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    Used to do it here until...'97. Hmmmm....it seems to me that something big happened in '97 that hurt the little feelings of UPS so they pouted and quit. Hmmmm....what happened in '97...Hmmmm....
  6. lmeiler9831

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    And they just keep asking me to donate to the United Way. Hell NO. I donate money to my own charities! They put me in a room every year and tell me that everyone has to donate something. I refuse to even sign anything.
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    In Atlanta you can join the UPS Peachtree Roadrace team - run every July 4th. They give you a UPS team shirt, but they don't pay your entry fee. They have a tent afterwards - no beer.
  8. trplnkl

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    All that did was give them an excuse for stopping their support. Here they cut out a "local sort" and package car feeder runs to about 6 or 7 centers within a 120 mile radius. Of course they gave the loss of volume as the reason. The really funny thing is that a relatively high up sup had told me they had it in the works to eliminate said shift and rtes a full year BEFORE the strike. The rtes allowed for one day service to those centers from our city, now it's two days.
    Just one more chink in the company integrity armor.
  9. stevetheupsguy

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    Tell them that you donate to your own charities and walk away. They can't make you donate to their charity.

    Yes you did, but don't feel badly about this, we got the same run around when we tried. Heck, for that matter, there's a $20 per month tax credit available from the Federal Government. It's for people that ride their bikes to work, and it's like pulling teeth trying to get that.
  10. whiskey

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    Congrats!! 22 out of 632. Keep up the good work. If you want to crack the top 10, you'll have to visit a track once a week and do repeat quarters.
    It's hit or miss with UPS's involvement with local sports. But sometimes they kick in, depends upon the center manager.
  11. Bad Gas!

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    Correction: There is plenty of beer at the UPS tent after the race...My entire family almost runs the P tree every year and we meet afterwards at the tent..They have Bud,Bud-Light ,Miller Light and Coors...about 6-7 cases on ice....along with Gatorade, gourmet cookies , fruit...: a nice spread...You can enter online through the Upsers web site....If you want a good starting seed, you need to send in a previous race result...
  12. lmeiler9831

    lmeiler9831 aka The Gazelle

    I would love to run or bike to work, however our building is in one of the worst areas. Not to mention that doing it at 3am by myself would be a bad idea.
  13. JustTired

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    Hmmmm.......I thought the "Corporate Challenge" was to run down Wall St. and drop to your knees when confronting any trader.

    ....or maybe it was to see who could hand out the most money in Washington.

    I"m confused!!!
  14. stevetheupsguy

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    On the other hand, you may be thought of as one crazy girl, being out on that bike at that time. I bet they'd leave you alone. I ride in the bike lane of a 6 lane divided highway, most of the way to the gym. The road is not brightly lit, so I make sure I'm lit up like a Christmas tree. I think the usual morning traveler's have gotten used to me being there in the morning. BTW, cycling really builds up endurance for running.
  15. Jones

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    UPS supported the Marine Corps Marathon this year, they had a guy come around to all the centers in my building looking for volunteers to drive a UPS truck around taking race bags from place to place and helping out at aid stations.
    I talked to him about sponsoring a UPS team at local races, we could wear singlets with a UPS logo and raise money for United Way or whatever. Be good publicity. I hate big crowded races generally but I would do it if UPS sponsored it.
    He nodded his head and said "uh huh". I don't see it happening.
  16. gwood

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    UPS did provide about 35 PCs and drivers to secure and transport the belongings of approximately 30,000 runners at the Marine Corp Marathon. Actually it was quite impressive...not a package lost, all secure. Great PR with the runners but I never saw any mention in the press. Of course all of the drivers were Sup/volunteers!
  17. lmeiler9831

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    Lol. Where I live now people already think that I am crazy. I run in rain, sleet, severe cold/hot temps, mounds of snow. I don't cancel a planned run for the weather. I always run into people that ask me if I am "that crazy girl that runs everywhere" I just laugh.

    People will NEVER get used to me running on the side of the road! I am lit up like the sun and still people drive right at me. I've only been hit once time- and the lady told me that I needed to pay attention to where I was going. I HATE when people roll through stop signs, run red lights, speed and swerve all over the road...
  18. stevetheupsguy

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    Did he have that far away look in his eyes?:wink2:

    LOL @ like the sun, Ha Ha, me too. Ditto on the I hate part. I almost got hit recently by someone that wasn't stopping or looking right.