Has anyone seen the madera guy?

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  1. Has anyone seen this guy on youtube called the madera guy. He has videos up harrassing ups drivers about where they park. Pretty funny the dude is a complete moron.
  2. working up a sweat

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    I've seen his stupid videos harassing package car drivers. He even climbed into a PC to harass the driver, who was in the back retrieving a package(that is illegal). I commented on his stupid videos. He sent an X-rated, racist comment about my daughter to my You Tube inbox. The guy is a total dirt bag and coward. He weighs over 300 pounds.
  3. texan

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    Shame. Just makes you wonder what makes people tick. Why pick on UPS PC drivers?
    Wonder what happened in his childhood that molded him into who he is now
    . :sad-little:
  4. superballs63

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    Somebody didn't love him enough....or loved him too much??
  5. Anonymous 10

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    He loved ups until the inception of pas.
    He could set his watch by the time his driver picked up and delivered.
    He used to be 164 pounds.

    After pas his delivery started to come at 4:51 most days and his business went down the tubes. He then turned to the fork and gained 150 pounds. On wellfair and unemployment he ate nothing but junk causing him to become fat which ended his sex life and spawned what he is today.
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    I heard he was a former house guest of Jerry Sandusky.
  8. PMSair

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    He is a troll
  9. Integrity

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    I have reviewed the Madera Guy You Tube videos regarding UPS parking violations.

    You may not like him but he seems to have a point.

  10. UPSGUY72

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    I have reviewed the Madera Guy You Tube videos regarding UPS parking violations.

    You may not like him but he seems to have a point.


    I would reply to your post but TOS rules prohibit me from doing so.
  11. Integrity

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    I am not sure what you mean but I admire someone who respects the rules and laws of those in authority.

    Some individuals in corporations think the corporations are too big for some laws.

    It is quite unfortunate when a company teaches and requires obeying all laws on paper and then the local management do everthing in their power to get employees to violate this teaching.

    I have never seen a UPS Policy that encourages violating laws, even parking laws, to save a few steps.

    You and your management team may think this is acceptable but you are very wrong. This only damages our reputation.

    The CEO's message in the beginning of the UPS Code of Business Conduct is clear that this corporation is clearly about doing the right thing every time.

  12. Harry Manback

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    I too have seen this chode's videos and he has disabled comments on all of them. He's got more than one account he posts under. His other account has videos of him bitching and whining about all sorts of other things from the number of cashiers at Wal-Mart to the flavor of free dental floss he got from his dentist. Im pretty sure it's his job. Getting a check for making idiotic videos, complaining about things you have no control over, all while living in the "Land of Plenty." Is it any wonder the terrorists hate us?
  13. cachsux

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    That message stops the second it leaves the CEO`s desk. He is either clueless of this or has knowledge and then that means his "message" is a tapdance. Either way down in the trenches some mgmt could care less where you parked as long as the numbers are made.
  14. robot

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    The dude's a troll. If the drivers would completely ignore him and not acknowledge him he wouldn't have anything to put on YouTube
  15. Integrity

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    I disagree.

    He is at least willing to put what he says out there in writing.

    I don't see any low level management producing anything in writing that it's all about the numbers.

    I think there is a few too many local management people who are afraid to stand up to the local level management people above them who are the intimidators and the bullies.

    And what you said is the main problem, the management down in the trenches are often times not caring about what is right and they're blaming their actions on others.

  16. The Blackadder

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    I have seen his youtube stuff, he does it to other company's too. The guy has zero life and is a total loser. The sad part is he seems to have keeps, just scary.
  17. Integrity

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    I do not want to overly defend Madera Guy, but if the drivers were not unlawfully parked he wouldn't have anything to put on You Tube.

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    Go take care of yourself and lose some weight.
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    just rolling my eyes here
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    I see it as we fall into a hierarchy of importance. Obviously below fire/police/medical. But seeing as our customers don't complain, and if there was a real emergency, we would get the hell outta the way, it's all good. Though lately with peak, I have been in a Uhaul box truck, and it does make me a tad nervous. Had to deliver to a Jimmie John's and noticed several squad cars parked outside. Threw caution to the wind, and parked right up front as normal. As I was scanning packages several police officers came outside. RUh OH! Not really. They just cracked wise about UPS not paying their car payments. We all had a laugh and proceeded as planned.