Has "Obedience to Authority" Completely Short Circuited Our Ability to Think?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Horrible story from Kentucky where a supervisor/worker relationship on the one hand has both as victims but on the other opens a window into the soul of America where an appeal to authority shuts off the ability to question and even trample over moral values where normally one would dare not go.

    This begs the question, were all germans really bad or had conditioning to a fallacy made it easy for a minority to hijack a majority? I think this story above could well suggest that America is in the same mental condition as germans in the early to mid 1930's and thus all it takes is for a minority to use the fallacy of appeal to authority on the masses and we go down that road too. Ms. Summers is a wake up call!



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    As an admitted cynical, contrarian a$$o myself, I've come to the conclusion many of you are very dangerous to be around. In fact, you should never be left alone with children or pets.;)

    Psychologists Have Uncovered a Troubling Feature of People Who Seem Nice All the Time
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    I think the true danger is actually in the right and left realizing how similar they are. Strange as that seems, that unholy antagonism might be the only thing that keeps the US from a very ugly and violent domination of the world...or realizing the truly great nation we could be. As long as the right is busy with repealing Obamacare and gnashing it's teeth at the imperial president, and the left is in fits over a congress blo kins Obama at every turn, nothing happens. Germany had no internal conflict that Hitler didn't wipe out and thus was able to turn Germany's might on the world.
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    I think in time the political or statist left and right will just consume themselves in their drive for power. The thing to do is step back out of the way and let them do it.
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    Yes, yes, left/right etc.

    Yes, yes, statist/communist/socialist etc.


    As a species, we can't seem to get our collective chit together.

    That's unfortunate, as we'll die here on this planet in the pallid stench of our collective feces.

    We need to come together and look toward the stars...

    With the BILLIONS we spend trying to kill each other, we could have easily put a colony on Mars.

    (We don't have a supply problem, we have a distribution problem.)

    Sad, sad, sad.

    Let's keep arguing about this and that, it's a good diversion...
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    So far as the Nazi's go, Germans were more worried about getting tossed into the ovens and showers. You have to remember the first country the Nazi's invaded was in fact Germany. People here in America have such an easy life, they don't care what happens so long as their personal life changes little. Now once you start to oppress Americans overtly, we are boss at taking action. So the deception and takeover has to be slow and not noticeable.
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    So the germans acted horrifically out of fear themselves? And Americans when it counts will do the moral and right thing?

    Ever read about the infamous Milgram Experiments?

    Watching otherwise seemingly average honest American folk deliver lethal electrical shock to people who won't perform a task as instructed only because they are told by an authority it is the correct and necessary thing to do seems to me to be rather telling.
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    Get your facts straight. The Germans did little. The Nazi's did whatever they wanted. There was plenty of Germans that hid and railroaded Jews to safety. Americans did little to curb slavery, but was it everyone? Nope. Things are as hardly black and white as you've accused me of saying. And yes, when there is oppression, Americans have the freedom to stand up. Germany had no such freedoms.
  9. sortaisle

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    And the Millgram Experiment is hard to apply to the Germans since the experiment required that both parties be volunteers. The German people were not volunteers. And there is a deep dark part of a lot of people that when allowed to be freed is evil. Power corrupts. People cower before raw power in most instances. And people are sheeple. Most people in the world aren't leaders. Most of them are normal everyday folk. Everyone has something extraordinary about them, but it doesn't usually manifest in a leader like quality. To sum up, mostly soldiers, little in the way of generals. Mostly laymen, little in the way of pontiffs. Mostly indians, little in the way of chiefs. The masses are easy to hypnotize, look at North Korea.