Has United Parcel Service Inc. Become Less Productive?

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    Has United Parcel Service Inc. Become Less Productive? - Motley Fool

    All told, despite the significant changes in end demand since the recession, UPS productivity has held up quite well on an underlying basis. That's the good news. However, using adjusted figures can be misleading if it turns out there's a structural problem with UPS's network that will cause recurring difficulties in dealing with peak demand during the holiday period.

    Meanwhile, international package productivity is somewhat subject to developments in global trade policies. On balance, provided UPS demonstrates it can successfully deal with peak demand, the changing environment doesn't seem to have had a major impact on its ROA.
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    If the public only knew.

    Yes, we have become less productive. ORION does not care about production.

    ORION only cares about the reduction in miles at the cost of production.
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    The Motley Fool, once a constant UPS cheerleader seems to be questioning his stance a bit.