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    I hate when I have to take AHA's every month. When I first started 13 years ago we didn't have to take safety quiz or any other garbage. Management enjoys making people lives a living hell, and I feel like I can't do anything about it; partly which our union is horrible who I think is in bed with the company. Too much mental games; too many chiefs, and not enough Indians.
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    I'm assuming you're a driver. Everyone is deeply stressed out with the way this company is running guys to death. Let's hope we can all make it to our retirements at an early age with relatively decent health. Remember, we get paid when we are asked to take our quizzes.
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    That's right! You are on the clock when you take the quizzes-I hope! UPS gives these to satisfy OSHA, insurance carriers and others. I used to hate taking the same tests over and over, but just figured that was more overtime for me. Just don't bust your butt to get in earlier when you get out of the building later.
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    If it makes you feel better I haven`t taken any ever so it probably averages out to a fair amount for us all. :)
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    some are in bed with them some are not.but the overriding theme seems to be to create enough pressure to see that some people don't reach retirement. Even some supervisors go through the same mental games.
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    The test is nothing to get worked up over. They have yet to fire someone for not having a passing grade. Do your best, earn your money, and forget about it. There are some things you cant change about your job, and this will stay as one of them. Deal with it, and move on. It is one of the little things at UPS that if you dont let go, will drag down other aspects of the job and your attitude to the job. Change things you can, then change your attitude on the things you cant. Your job experience will improve, I promise. And hopefully you will no longer hate UPS.

    I would not work a job I hated for as long as you still have in front of you. IF you can not do the above, maybe you need to think about the alternatives?


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    Good Post
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    I never did like taking the
    old sheet writing test of years ago. Remember Clarksville? Same test over and over again. Being that they always went over it and gave you the correct answers anyway one time I just added about ten sheets of carbon paper, wrote down the correct answers and from then on out I would just use a copy. While most everyone else was slaving away taking the test I would sit in my package car and smoke cigarettes and listen to the radio. I'm sure management knew what was going on but as usual they had fulfilled their obligation to have everyone fill out a test sheet so they never said anything to me. There were advantages to working on paper compared to a DIAD.
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    Saw many over the years hang it up because of that. One had 16 yrs F/T and said he was done..This was of course well before the 97 contract when the company shmoozed us saying they were going to turn the SS Big Brown around to another direction.....That did't last long:surprised: