Hats, Shirts, Etc......


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upsers.com had a link to Corporate Express (I think that was the name) where you could purchase the black UPS hats. The link is gone and I can't find a listing anywhere to buy UPS promotional items, especially the black hats. The hats were cheap too, $2.95 each.

Anyone know where I can buy those now? Really wanted about 10 of them for some customers and friends.



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Hopr this helps.

Go to UPSers.com

Then go to " Our Company" at the top

Then at the botton left of screen " UPS Merchandise"

The choice of "The UPS Collection" , "The UPS Gallery" , "The UPS Racing Store"


Hey everyone, my first post here! I just got hired on Preload and start in about a week. I went on the UPS collection from the link here, filled out my cart with some stuff that I wanted for work (t shirts, sweatshirt, beanie, etc.) and filled out my purchase info. Last thing... district/region code (located on your paystub). So does this mean that only current paid employees of UPS can order from here? If not, anyone know where to find different region/district codes? Im in California. Thanks!


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If you really want some good UPS stuff, go to ebay and do a search for the UPS store. They have all sorts of cool stuff there. I bought a die cast package car for my desk for like $5.